Battle stations: Wii

Screen Play Writes: "Two years ago Screen Play wrote: "The Nintendo Wii's radical and innovative controller befits the console's Revolution codename and sales success could turn the games industry on its head."

It certainly has. Nintendo has dramatically changed the gaming landscape, attracting many newcomers to interactive entertainment, and along with the DS has restored "the company's status as the games industry's leading pioneer".

But despite how excited Screen Play was two years ago over Nintendo's "bravado and commitment to innovation", before Wii was released there was the significant query over whether the control system would "be able to offer necessary depth beyond its irresistible gimmick appeal."

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Product4353d ago

I like my wii but Nintendo does some stuff that i have to question sometimes.Its calming to see them saying how they will stop making peripherals,and "wii" franchises,and as much as i liek surprises sometimes i hate how nintendo has nothing to say about games in development until practically finished.As much as i have complaints about the wii (storage,add-ons,online,etc.) atleast they are doing something different,which is more then the other two are doing.

jeffaustin904353d ago

I kinda like that they're keeping their releases a surprise. Too many times this generation a game gets over-hyped, and then people are let down because it wasn't an orgasm on a disc. I LIKE it when I'm browsing in a store and I see a game and I think "Oh, I didn't even know this came out". Nintendo (or any video game company for that matter) doesn't owe it to us to keep us privy as to every step of their game-making process, we should just let them do their thing, and then play the games when they come out.

I'm happy with my Wii, because I'm not constantly looking over the fence and asking "why is my grass not as shiny as theirs?!?" My grass is shiny and looks like grass, and that's all that should matter to me.

Video games aren't everything, that's something hardcore gamers need to realize. And yes I fully realize that because I insulted hardcore gamers, I will get several Disagrees on this post, because there aren't a lot of people who come on here that think the way I do.

Product4353d ago

ill agree with you with the overhyped prolly wont get alot of disagree just because this article doesnt look to be a popular one lol.