PS4 To Be More Of The "Same Thing"?

It would seem that the PS4 is being developed while we soundly sleep, but as we know will have to continue without Phill Harrison who has moved on. An inside source close to Harrison has said that "he could see he was about to get involved in another PlayStation cycle, and obviously wanted something new. The same thing was happening again and he'd been through it enough times to want to move on."

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Le-mo4362d ago

I say we wait until this gen is over. :)

juuken4362d ago

I agree.

We're not even there yet.

Panthers4362d ago

were not even half way there yet.

FantasyStar4362d ago

Not even 1/5 way there yet. Seriously....I'd be disappointed in Sony if they caved in and released a new console on the 4-5 year, unless they have some super-duper bad-ass games that can justify everything.

sumfood4u4362d ago

Here they are looking at the PS4 when we havent even tasted the PS3 true power, an what the Hell happened to our MMORPG? i'm still waiting on that as well as the delay of my FFXIII thank U M$ for making us wait, U really know how to Hit the Fans don't ya!

jamilion4362d ago

"he could see he was about to get involved in another PlayStation cycle, and obviously wanted something new."

how does that make any sense? Contradiction of sorts!

humus4361d ago

dude youre totally right

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Nitrowolf24362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

well dont see the PS4 until 015 or later.
I dont know but im not worried about it right now. im going to enjoy my PS3. Who knows what crazy things it will have by then.
i mean i can feel the momentnum building up for the PS3 and with 6 and 1/2 years till 015 i can see major feature being added to the PS3 during that timeframe.

dktxx24362d ago

there will be another PlayStation by 2015. when Sony said 10 year life span, they mean that they will continue to support it for 10 years, not that it will be the only PlayStation till then. It will be like the ps2 and ps3 today, living side by side, both being supported.

Hagaf224362d ago

ok, first we would be very naive to think that all three console makers arent thinking next gen. THEY ARE. But thats not to take anything from this gen. It's the way of the market. Its a fast moving industry and you have to look forward. Second, as for more of the "same thing", if by same thing making a console that pushes the boundries to keep it current years after production then yes. Look at ps1, it fully utilized cd and keep them at the formats until what? oh thats right ps2 and dvds, which keep dvds current till what? yes ps3 and blu ray. While i hope we dont change formats again before 2018, sony will find a way to make ps4 stand out and push the boundries. Again though this is nothing to worry about any time soon, i see next gen just as this gen, nintendo and xbox will break in to the market first, while sony tries to push something next and breakthrough. Next gens consoles need to be throughly thought out and not at all by any means rushed.

Closing4362d ago

then forge ahead Sony. I'm right behind you.

RememberThe3574362d ago

I like how you turned that around :)

thePatriot4362d ago

u beat me to it.
thats waht I get for reading all te coments first.

xSHROOMZx4362d ago

Sony worries too much about hardware.. I cant wait to see what theyre next system is about.

PS1 sold due to being one of tha first mainstream consoles supporting Disc format.

PS2 sold due to having a DVD player built inside, first DVD player I onwed.

PS3 is starting to sell now cuz of...... Blu-Ray won HD format war, so tha built in BD player won it.

PS4 what piece of [email protected] hardware will do it for them.

I have owned all PS systems, and Xbox and until Wii all nintendo, xbox 1 sold cuz of built in HDD and online.

Not standing for either console, just pointing out facts. Sony really needs to start looking at software, cuz they may not have some big new thing in hardware when PS4 comes out...

Agree/Disagree dont care really, my opinion!

dude_uk4362d ago


that's why sony's got the biggest 1st and 2nd party studios =D
so don't worry about software

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RonDeMuerte4362d ago

they've been posting all day???......who are these [email protected] writers???.....yeah guys....seriously, PS4 is launching tomorrow morning....I'm gonna be the first in line.......journalism is dead...this is pointless.......and yeah sure...Phil Harrison "moved on" because Sony keeps thinking and preparing for the future of their gaming business.....geez...he ended up with Atari, I don't think that's a great's like he got demoted to Atari.....

Shaka2K64362d ago

Bored xbugs with no 2008 games to play.


why are all these dumba$$$$ writing story about the ps4 . nobody gives a flying fk right now about the ps4 . just because the crapbox 360 is coming out with another system doesn't mean the playstation has to come out with another system . `

theKiller4362d ago

ow yes i forgot they have the magical ball

BiggDaddy3114362d ago

Who approved this blog entry? It has nothing to do with the title. It just talks about Harrison leaving bc of the playstation cycle what ever that means. Let me end the suspence for you wondering what the PS4 will be like. It will just have a better GPU larger harddrive and more ram maybe 2 cell processors and a better interface that allows you to make it an even more all in one box end of mystery. Maybe a motion controller of some kind or a standard eyetoy that can pick up hand gestures.

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