Battle stations: PlayStation 3

Screen Play Writes: "Two years ago, many cynics had pronounced that it was "Game Over" for Sony's domination of the home console market after a lacklustre showing at E3 2006 and PS3's unprecedented price.

At the time Screen Play wrote: "while it can be argued that the price represents good value for the cost of the individual components and the machine's PC-like functionality, Sony must expect that its rivals will enjoy a big early lead in the next-generation battle because the PS3's initial price is beyond many consumers."

Now that its price is starting to fall and its software library expanding, PS3 is gaining momentum and reeling in the 360, yet Sony is still struggling to convince significant numbers of shoppers that they should pay a premium for the console and has not been able to generate the same excitement as the Wii."

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hahahabutt4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

No matter how you look at it, the PS3 is worth it. I mean it has built in Wifi, Internet, You can print email's and such, Great games, Blu-Ray, and you can add linux, Use video chat for free, and also play online for free. 4 years of XBL is 200 dollars so I mean come on! Stop being Cheap People and get a PS3. Even at 500 dollars, its still worth it.

psgamer4358d ago

after getting the mgs4 bundle i feel like i totally ripped sony off. the ps3 is defenitely worth what your paying for and you get everything right out of the box.

ps3 ftw!!

Mr Marbles4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

I don't need built in wifi my ethernet works perfectly,why would I want to print emails from my game console, I have a pretty capable laptop and two desktops, I don't ususally like surfing the web in the middle of Gears of War either, so no need for that useless feature, I have even more great games on my 360, FAR MORE great games, many at greatly reduced prices since they have been around since 2006, Bluray is overrated and expensive, I won't even respond to the linux one. Video chat is free on XBL as well, and you said don't be cheap so I'm not, that is why I have no issue with paying 50 bux a YEAR for a very unique and great service such as XBL.

So no, I'm not buying another PS3, I did once, sold it and have yet to see one good reason to do it again.

lodossrage4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

My ONLY gripe is that I'm a first adopter so I bought the system at a higher price.

But hey, it evens out I guess since the 60gb is fully backward compatible while the 80gb is only about 80% backward capable.

Edit- Juuken, you shouldn't have responded to that. Treat him and his comment like it's not there. It's just one more troll attempting to talk crap

juuken4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

It is worth it. It's just sad to see Mr. Marbles here claiming that the PS3 isn't worth it. Hey, Mr. Marbles, the PS3 has some great games as well and that library will expand.

Perhaps I should have lodoss. But anyone who says that the PS3 is not worth it is lying to themselves. This console has come a long way and no amount of trolling, attacks, or media bias will change that. I can actually say that I'm proud of Sony and I know they have a lot more work to do.

This is the time I can finally say that I'm proud to be a PS3 owner.

Mr Marbles4358d ago

Actually I think it is not worth it for me, if you don't have a nextgen console and you do have an HDTV, then the PS3 is a great value, you get a console that plays bluray movies and a few games.

It's just that if you are a serious gamer, you will also have a 360, because if you are about straight up gaming, there is no better value than 360, except maybe PS2 ;)

poopsack4358d ago

Dont worry, the value is slowly increasing.


What 1.3 said.

PoSTedUP4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

if you are a serious gamer... you wouldn't buy a console that breaks. period.

a serious gamer would have a ps3 and a PC. ps3 for ps3 exclusives, PC for 360 exclusives, so now you can play all great games : ) and have blu-ray, free online etc.

owning a 360 & PC you are still missing out on great games, so how serious of a gamer are you?

the smart consumer/serious gamer buys a ps3 ; )

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------------------------

EDIT @ close second. below

PS3 WEB BROWSER: the best thing about it for me is laying in the comfort of my own bed wile i surf the net, what more can you ask for? that has to be my #1 ps3 feature. its just so convenient ya know. and the new upcoming youtube capability's is just genius.

Close_Second4358d ago

You are correct in saying that the "PS3" is not for you just like the 360 is not for others. I agree that the 360 is all about gaming and is not trying to compete with the PS3 for being the swiss army knife of home entertainment. The 360 also has some great games going for it but so has the

In terms of being able to surf the net via my PS3...I love it. Sure the PS3s flash support is pure rubbish but for news (e.g. N4G) and checking my g-mail its fantastic, especially when you use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I use to love playing my 360 but the cost of XBLG for playing on-line was the deal breaker for me. The reason is that my two Sons are also enjoying playing games on-line and I could not afford to shell out XBLG fees x 3 so we could all have our own accounts and track our own progress, stats, etc. Its a shame that you cannot pay one XBLG fee per console regardless of how many users are registered to use it.

Rob0g0rilla4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

Both systems have great exclusives that are too big to miss out on.

Your little story is pretty funny. Especially the end.

"So no, I'm not buying another PS3, I did once, sold it and have yet to see one good reason to do it again."

Games are good reason to buy it again. PS3 already has a decent amount of exclusives on the system. The exclusive PS3 line up looks pretty good if your a gamer period.

mistertwoturbo4358d ago

We get it Mr. Marbles, the PS3 is not for you.

SL1M DADDY4358d ago

Don't pull the serious gamer card out unless you can vouch for owning all three consoles. If you own one console and slam the other you're a silly fanboy and need to go.

The PS3 is a huge value add to any entertainment center with an HDTV. It is by far the best bang for the buck. Why else would it be outselling the Xbox every month? I own them all and can say that in the end, it's all about the games, but to say you are a serious gamer and only own the 360, then sir, you are sadly mistaken.

Can I get an amen from my serious gaming brothas!

olivia4357d ago

couldn't say better myself. strongly agree

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PimpHandStrong4358d ago

Sony is still struggling to convince significant numbers of shoppers that they should pay a premium for the console and has not been able to generate the same excitement as the Wii."

Yea lets wait and see how the holiday goes

I didnt read this but its not like systems sell more in the summer

Hagaf224358d ago

i was about to quote that same line!! lol.

My argument on that line is simply define entertainment. i own a wii and ps3 and i get FAR more entertainment out of my ps3 hands down, from games to blurays and all in between the ps3 is the center of my entertainment, while the wii is simply a fun fad.

lodossrage4358d ago

I remember when ps1 and ps2 both came out. During each of their early days the SAME gripes were said

"too hard to develop for"
"cost too much"
"not enough games"

Ps1 and Ps2 ended up being on top in both their respective generations. Am I saying that will happen this time? No. But I will say history repeats itself. And sony must be doing SOMETHING right if they've been successful with the same style and strategy for so many years.

crippler6664358d ago

What people also forget is, until that big price drop the PS1 and PS2 was not selling off the shelf. The same will be with the PS3, when it gets into the Wii ball park, it will sell fast.

mistertwoturbo4358d ago

You see the thing is about the PS3, even at the prices of $600, $500, and $400. People still bought it. It still made it to a 15 million worldwide install base. Not bad for an expensive system. Never before have a console priced that high even lasted this long.

So like most have said, once the PS3 comes down in price. Maybe even in the $299 range. It will sell a lot.

Don't forget, people WANT a ps3. Right now, just not everybody can afford one.

Product4358d ago

ps3 will never sell as much as the wii due to the casual appeal...there are more casuals in the world then hardcore.
Until the ps3 becomes a casual name it wont sell asmuch as the wii,and if you guys actually looked at sales for the ps1 and ps2 you would see that they were significantly ahead at this same time,but then again ps1 and ps2 had more casual buyers then the ps3.

Although things could change with LBP.LBP could be the start of something.

TheColbertinator4358d ago

Very true Product.Although Singstar is already doing a phenomenal job.It is selling millions of units in Europe and Australia.

mistertwoturbo4358d ago

In a way it's all consumer market perception.

People perceive the Wii as a party system.
The 360 as a hardcore gamers machine.
And the PS3 as both a games console and Blu-Ray player.

PoSTedUP4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

ps3 came out at 500-600$

wii came out at 250$! thats cheaper than the ps2 LAST GEN, of course people are going to buy it. of course it is going to sell extremely well.

ps3 isnt even in its SECOND year.

blu-ray is the future especially when HDTV prices come down.

a ps3 with blu-ray, the digital distribution market, HOME, all these great hidef quality games, ps3 franchises that the fans want, for only 250-300$- what do you think will happen then??? the sales are already showing and the ps3 has the biggest year over year increase so i wouldn't doubt it just yet.

Voiceofreason4358d ago

LOL biggest year over year increase means nothing. To go from selling extremely poorly to just poorly is never a good thing. Also please stop talking and acting like Wii only sales because of price. A lot of people out there are paying more for a Wii then they would for a PS3 or 360 yet they still make that purchase. If it really was all about price PS2 would be the big seller still. It isnt though and it might be time to move on and find new material

SuperM4357d ago

well it has also sold more then 360 worldwide each year since launch, so if the ps3 has sold poorly then 360 has sold very poorly

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