CBR Interview: Ninjatown Creators

CBR: "Started in 2001, Shawn Smith's line of Shawnimals plush toys has continued to grow in popularity. His Wee Ninja character has been such a hit that it's now branching out into other mediums. Recently, Shawn partnered with Devil's Due Publishing to produce "Ninjatown: Adventures of the Wee Ninja," a 48-page comic by the creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani ("Tiny Titans"), which hits stores this week.

In early October, the inhabitants of Ninjatown will make the leap into video games, when the Ninjatown game debuts on the Nintendo DS handheld console. Developed Venan Entertainment and published by South Peak Games, "Ninjatown" will allow players to control the Wee Ninjas in their epic struggle against the evil Mr. Demon and his minions.

CBR News spoke with creator Shawn Smith and Venan's Brandon Curiel about the roots of Ninjatown, and what fans can expect from the upcoming game."

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