SNK develops the snack size RPG

RPGs are a time investment. They're great when you have a lot of free time to sink into a game, but difficult to complete when you don't. SNK has an interesting solution for RPG fans that can't commit dozens of hours to a single RPG. Stories in Kimi no Yuusha can be completed in half an hour. In the short amount of time you go through story sequences, a world map, towns, battles, and an epilogue. However, you can't "beat" the game during one lunch break. Kimi no Yuusha contains 25 story missions and 50+ side story missions. If you want to complete everything expect to spend around 35 hours playing the game.

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PS360WII3726d ago

ha that's a pretty cool idea for a rpg have the story all broken up into 30 min episodes. Quest a little bit at a time and that's a good amount of missions

DaKid3726d ago

I really like the Idea!

Ghost_Helmet3726d ago

i thought it was like an actual snackable rpg the weapon

PenisaurisDix3726d ago

Rockstar did it with their PSPs versions of Liberty City and Vice City Stories. Most of the missions are really short, damage turned up on cars, player moving speed tweaked, etc. basically modded the game to play better "on the go".

solidt123726d ago

Great idea. I like JRPG's but I can never finish them. I have never finished a single one.