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Far Cry Primal Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay Details Officially Released

Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry Primal, a new entry in the first-person shooter series that takes players to the "savage Stone Age." It will be released worldwide on February 23, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a PC release in March.

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mike32UK2127d ago

It really does! Do you think they will be bringing co-op back? I absolutely loved it in Far Cry 4 and would definitely get this day one if it did

MurDocINC2127d ago

Looks very interesting. How well they do the melee combat is going to make it or break it though.

Army_of_Darkness2127d ago

Horizon zero dawn before the animals got enhanced into mechanical dinosaurs ;-)

Mykky2127d ago

Indeed! I really like that they are doing something different than before and set in a time period we have never really got to explore much in games. I also like that they have their own language and that there is no sign of the typical mass explosions and over the top bad guy we saw in far cry 3 and 4. I was afraid Far Cry would still follow the same formula from Far Cry 3 and become the new Assassin's Creed. I may be wrong though as we have not seen much yet.

starchild2126d ago

It does look great and I'm surprised it is coming out so soon. Can't wait to find out more.

Crashbandicoot772126d ago

Does this mean it won't have no guns lol since this takes place in the caveman era

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Bathyj2126d ago

I'm not sure this is going to stay interesting unless they really up the hunting aspect. I dont want to just walk around, see an animal and shoot it. I think you should have to track them. Not like The Witcher tracking, use you Witcher vision and their footprints glow like paint, but really have to look for signs of animals. That might prove a bit hard to accomplish.

Also since weapons are going to be really limited, traps should play a really big part. You will need bait to catch a Sabertooth, and know where they are likely to lurk to place that bait. Bait will be smaller animals of course. Traps will have to be made and require skill to do it.

If they dont nail these aspects I dont see how a shooter with no guns will work. I like they are trying something fresh, but it needs to be a fun game too.

pivotplease2126d ago

It's too early for a full blown far cry imo. If it's going to be an experimental spin-off like Hardline sure, but if this is supposed to be a main entry I'm sensing milk. Especially if 5 sneaks up on us by 2017.

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-Foxtrot2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Thank God it's not Far Cry 5. Just an standalone like Blood Dragon


Still sad to see they'd rather keep using an established brand new instead of making a new IP. I mean what other games recently have been set during the Ice Age, just like with Black Flags if that was a new Pirate IP, they would have had no competition at all.

Anyway as long as it's not a main Far Cry game I'm pretty happy.

You would think though there would have been a Blood Dragon II, unless they are making a brand new IP out of that set up.

Wingsfan242127d ago

I'd say this is a little more than just another Blood Dragon. This is a full game and not just a DLC title.

-Foxtrot2127d ago

Yeah but look at it. It's obviously a full on reskinned Far Cry look closely in the backgrounds with the mountains and forests, it's like you are looking at Kyrat in a different season with a blend of Shangri-La

Meaning Far Cry 5 is still in development and this is basically what Blood Dragon was to Far Cry 3. However instead of saying "Far Cry 4: Primal" it sounds better to say it's brand new....more sales that way but it's still Far Cry 4s equivalent of Blood Dragon

2127d ago
-Foxtrot2127d ago

@redey3 basically was

There's a reason why they haven't put the number in the title because it's basically an experimental Far Cry game like Blood Dragon except they probably know saying FC4 would put people off.

Every main Far Cry game they've done has always came out in the Holidays, this is just a spin off nothing more.

We'll get Far Cry 5 next year or the year after.

user99502792127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

While I typically do not make a habit of agreeing with anything that Fox has to say, he's right here. (at least about FC4). FC4 was a complete retread of FC3. Which isn't bad at all because FC3 was an amazing game and FC4 improved the formula.

However, I'm not buying any more FC3 retreads. If this game can be easily identified as more of the same it will be an easy pass for me. Kind of hoping the Farcry team does some cool new interesting stuff gameplay-wise.

2127d ago
Braid2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Well they're experimenting with this allright, but it looks great. I'd rather play a pre-historic era game, hunt mammoths and rival tribes rather than fighting the same old modern day enemies in a copy-paste military shooter any day.

Honestly this feels like a breath of fresh air, and I like it. I mean think about the co-op possibilities, I want to experience what it feels to be in our ancestors' shoes, hunting with your tribesmen, setting traps, fighting for the most basic need- food, shelter and survival.

Classic Far Cry mechanics, especially skinning and enhancing your gear, will fit in just perfectly in this game.


Wingsfan242126d ago


Um, each game has taken place on different do you really want it to look? Far Cry 3 was tropical, Far Cry 4 was in the Himalayan regions. Far Cry Primal is taking places in a multitude of regions...the base mechanics here are similar, but you know exactly what happens when a game changes too much. People don't like it.

Primal is pretty damn unique if you ask me, even if its core is similar.

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gangsta_red2127d ago

I seriously agree with Foxtrot.

I was really hoping for a Blood Dragon II especially with the extreme positive reception it received.

And also what weapons are you going to use in this game as Fox stated? Also vehicles?

In my opinion going back to this age is going extremely backwards for this series that is primarily known for a lot of weapons, vehicles and other sorts of gadgets.

I also agree that FC4 was nothing more than a retread of FC3...and I loved FC3 and I thought I wouldn't mind more of the same. But I got a little ways in to FC4 and just got bored from doing the same things I was doing in FC3.

-Foxtrot2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Once the hype settles down over the location people are going to see that without the big weapons and vehicles the creative ways to approach a target will be very limiting. Imagine if you had Metal Gear Solid V but you set it in the past with all the tec gone, imagine how limiting it would be in ways to approach a target.

QUESTION: You need to take out an outpost full of enemies. What do you do? You can...

Line your vehicle with C4 and let it roll down the hill

Find a tactical vantage point and snipe the enemies off

Sneak around the camp and knife them

Go in guns blazing with a machine gun

Stand just outside the camp and fire your grenade launcher

Go into the air with your gyro copter and rain fire from above.

If it's near a river, get a boat and fire from there

Set Mines in enemies guard routes

Set a Mine/C4 and bring enemies to you

Set C4 all over the camp and then blow it up at once

Use bait to lure in hostile predators to kill them

Free animals locked up to attack them

Or just go in undetected, do what you have to and leave

Will you honestly get all that in this game with Primal tools? No you won't. Put in Google now "Ice Age Weapons" or "Primal weapons/tools", not very appealing is it. Not even stuff like climbing gear or gliders.

Think about it guys.

This game looks like Far Cry 4 which is heavily influenced by the bow and arrow stuff you did in the Shangri-La.

I was fine with Far Cry 4 being a reskinned Far Cry 4. It was a new console, Far Cry 3 was fantastic and we all give them the benefit of the doubt. This time it's different.

Spikeantestor2127d ago

@ Foxtrot

I would be really Interested if the tools WERE limited. But I'd be suprised if the game didn't just have fantasy versions of all the kinds of things that are in the Far Cry games. There will be explosives. There will bunch of diffrent ways to shoot things. There will be a bunch of things to ride in/on I'm sure.

jb2272127d ago

Maybe it shouldn't bear the Far Cry title but I think this game looks more intriguing than the previous ones in the series. The whole current day open world vehicles & weapons trend is really wearing thin for me, this is something that is more fresh & new while simultaneously being ancient & stale. The only thing that is concerning to me is the turnaround time...didn't Far Cry 4 only release last year? Either the world is very small or there are a hefty amount of reused assets. They would've been better off rushing out another entry in the mainline title & taking their time to get a new ip based around these ideas right.

Gazondaily2127d ago

How are you writing it off so quickly though? Wait for some gameplay footage first.

-Foxtrot2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

It's Ubisoft, I've just seen it above and it looks like Far Cry 4 re-skinned.

These are the same people who do Assassins Creed and hardly add anything new despite the illusion in the time setting that they have.

I think I know what to expect. Plus there is history aswell what they are basing it on so I doubt we are going to get a rocket launcher or machine gun.

I think it's pretty safe to write it off. Like I said I gave FC4 the benefit of the doubt but not this one. It's clear they went for this setting to try and fool people into thinking it's going to be completely brand new. It's not Assassins Creed, it's Far Cry.

Gazondaily2127d ago

I liked Far Cry 3 and 4 tbh. Well each to their own. I do wonder why the Far Cry moniker is needed though tbh

Lukejrl2127d ago

It may be less open world and more story driven experience. At least it is some sort of gamble they are taking. i agree with you septic, Foxtrot needs anothe cup of coffee.

starchild2126d ago

Oh, wait, Foxtrot is being negative?! I can't believe it! He's usually so positive about games. /s

Nah, he writes off almost everything.

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TheJacksonRGN2127d ago

If it was a spin-off like Blood Dragon they would have said so. They did with BD. Just because it doesn't have a number in the title doesn't mean it isn't a main game. Don't forget none of the FC games have connecting storylines.

This isn't the first time Ubi has dropped a number from their game series. They did with AC: Unity and now Syndicate.

GG did the same with Killzone: Shadowfall

Ashunderfire862127d ago

Well the Post Stone Age of the game Horizion: Zero Dawn for PS4 says hello to this game.

OneLove2127d ago

Nah rare has a pirate game coming.

SnotyTheRocket2127d ago

Lets just hate a game before it has any actual gameplay shown thats more than 5 seconds long. You don't think the devs have already thought of all this shit? I think you're jumping to conclusions.

Yahdaree2127d ago

The Far Cry series is a really consistent series and I like them.

_-EDMIX-_2127d ago

??? This isn't DLC, its full game bud. How do you know its not a stand alone? For all you know they are getting rid of numbers on the title sorta like how they've done with Assassins Creed...

This might be the start of them no longer adding in a number to their titles.

I have no clue how you thought this wasn't a "main Far Cry game" and its called Far Cry.....

That is like saying Assassins Creed Unity isn't a MAIN Assassins Creed game because its called Unity and not 5.

Dat logic doe LOL! Also its not a new "IP" it clearly has something to do with the concept of Far Cry as clearly its in the title, no Far Cry game is continuous, they are all different bud and the only thing that links them is their open, quest like concept, that isn't new ,thus this isn't a new IP.

Raziel8932127d ago

Apparently his opinion of how a franchise moves forward is more important than the actual developers. Funny that logic of his.

_-EDMIX-_2127d ago

Salt much? I know how much you hate facts and such ie examples to prove ones point.

-Foxtrot2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

"Salt much?"

Only with Tequila

[email protected] Below

If someone told me when Far Cry first came out that it was really about man vs nature I'd laugh in their face. The developer is just saying what needs to be said to sell the game. Hey but if you hang onto their every word....go for it, not like Ubisoft has every lied to us before right?

Anyway still nice dear.

See you around after launch when we get the ton of "Far Cry Primal Feels Mostly the Same" or "Far Cry Primal not Far Cry" articles.

_-EDMIX-_2127d ago


Soooo whats that? The developer of the game is saying Far Cry has been about man vs nature? Oh...sooo the whole concept doesn't boil down to cars and guns? I see.

They state nothing about it being a side game, DLC, a new IP etc.

It is a Far Cry game and shares concepts of Far Cry from other titles as they reference other Far Cry games when describing Far Cry Primal. Soooo no ,that is not a opinion, that is a solid fact of what the team is pushing for as what they stated has NOTHING to do with stating its a new IP, nothing to do withing being merely DLC, nothing to do with being a side game.

So, its what you "think" it is vs what the actual makers of the game are telling you it is.

_-EDMIX-_2127d ago

"If someone told me when Far Cry first came out that it was really about man vs nature I'd laugh in their face."

Far Cry 2, you have malaria and must not only fight off enemies, but your sickness based on being in the elements, animals are in the game and can help distract enemies, but won't hunt you.

Far Cry 3, your in the jungle, not just trying to escape a mad man, but survive the animals in the jungle ie Bears, leopards, crocodiles etc

Far Cry 4, you can use animals to help you, they will hunt you, you can save them, you can ride them.

...its save to say nature vs man is a HUGE theme in Far Cry bud.

"The developer is just saying what needs to be said to sell the game" ??? Or...or they are telling you what can factually be looked up about the game RIGHT NOW.

But nope, its not about nature or anything....

but they are just saying that to sell this game though huh?

But man..that guy must have been sent from the future to market Far Cry Primal, in Far Cry 4 KNOWING Far Cry Primal would come out, wow Ubisoft, the lengths they got to to just to sell a game../s

So let me get this straight, this series isn't about nature vs man and the developers are just saying this to sell THIS title solely?

Because Far Cry 2 didn't have you with malaria, hunting animals?

Because Far Cry 3 and 4 didn't have saving animals, being attacked by animals and you hunting them?

Hmmmm I see. Sooooo its your belief that the series isn't about this, vs the actual footage and facts that is actually is backed with game play examples and the very developer stating the series is about that....

I see.

quenomamen2127d ago

Looks pretty damn interesting to me, wonder how many re-skins of COD 4 you've purchased ?

maniacmayhem2126d ago

What makes you think he's purchased any?

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d_g2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

it looks like a bit from horizon zero dawn and far cry

i want to see more Gameplay

FlexLuger2127d ago

..or ARK...or wild....

I Like what I see though. I have yet to play FC4 but When I do I will probably play this straight after.

Ricegum2127d ago

Nah just Horizon: Zero Dawn and Far Cry.

_-EDMIX-_2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

@Flex- Agreed. The game isn't futuristic or any twist like that. ARK and Wild would be great examples of what Primal looks like it is, from watching the trailer and making of

its clear its just about being in that time period and using those survival skills to live. I also skipped the last 2 Far Crys ,haven't played it since 2, LOVED 2, might play 3 and 4 later on....maybe.

FlexLuger2126d ago


True, the theme is the same, but I think there is room for all of them. Of course Horizon is the one I want the most out of the games we mentioned. Dino mechs and a sci fi setting really do it for me.

monkeyDzoro2127d ago

People crushed me yesterady when I said that this game could be a "challenger" for Horizon Zero Dawn. Why ?
Prehistoric and Post-post apocalyptic are settings where human beings aren't the dominant species. I love the way those two games took. They are different while similar at the same time : wild predominant ORGANIC life (FARCRY)vs. wild predominant ARTIFICIAL life (HORIZON-ZD).

Even if Horizon-ZD's story seems to have a bit more mystery to it : what caused the blackout ? how did the robots develop to reign ? and so on...

Uncharted//Horizon//FarcryPri mal -- 2016 = Adventure !

slappy5082127d ago

Looks great. I bet Ubisoft are already hard at work downgrading it

nucky642127d ago

it already looks like a downgrade next to horizon:zero dawn

SaveFerris2127d ago

Of course it's a downgrade, it's prehistoric! /s

starchild2126d ago

Well, considering AC Unity and Far Cry 4 are some of the very best looking games I've played on my PC I hope they continue to "downgrade" them.

slappy5082126d ago

Starchild I do agree with you and I should probably qualify that my comment was a joke, rather than serious (thats just me being me in general)

So lets get to the serious stuff: Farcry 4 and Unity did look and run great on my PC. Ubisoft do tend to make great PC ports - at least for my rig. Far Cry Prima;l I am intrigued by, I'm hopeful to see if a different timeline would give us a totally different experience to what we are used to, although I am probably not counting on it (find a lookout pount, raid enemy camps, as one of the articles stated hunt animals to get better gear etc), admiteddly I'd play it regardless as I enjoyed Farcry 3 and 4

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Der_Kommandant2127d ago

I saw Manny and Diego, but there's no Sid.