Fighting the Evolution: How Fighting Games Won't Change.

"Video games are easily the most rapidly evolving form of entertainment available today. Movies from 2003 are pretty much the same as movies from 2008, but with staggering generational leaps in all aspects, games from five years ago just don't hold up. Not only is the graphical difference staggering, but gameplay, online capability, customization and even storytelling have changed drastically. Why is it then that fighting games have failed to evolve?"

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Mastersnake103751d ago

I'm sorry but I love Soul Calibur IV.

n00bFRAGGER3751d ago

Yeah, I prefer it's style over Street Fighter IVs. Well, I have to wait-and-see that.

DarkPrince3751d ago

Fighting games are always interesting because they always seem to use that same formula one way or another. Whether we like it or not, they all still resort to button mashing.

hokiebonoz3751d ago

Facebreaker: case in point

giantchicken3751d ago

At least the graphics are getting a lot better. Just look at Soul Calibur IV.

homez993751d ago

I think that new franchises in the genre need to be created if we are going to see a significant change and evolution in the core mechanics of a fighter, but creativity is being stifled by marketing, brand awareness, and over-hyping.

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