5 Reasons MGS4 Will Never Come to Xbox 360

With Final Fantasy XIII going multi-platform and Haze ending up a sad, broken mess, Metal Gear Solid 4 is starting to look like the last blockbuster third-party exclusive the PlayStation 3 has in its arsenal. And although it looks set to stay that way - as publisher Konami has repeatedly reaffirmed that the game will stay PS3-exclusive - rumors keep cropping up that the game will eventually head to the Xbox 360.

Whatever your thoughts on console loyalties, there are some pretty strong arguments on both sides. In the interest of quashing the rumors (and of fanning their flames), GamesRadar has pulled together the biggest reasons why Metal Gear Solid 4 will never/definitely appear on the 360 in the near future.

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crimsonfox3752d ago


1 reason why im tired of this...

it never ENDS!!!

Overr8ed3752d ago

same as the Final Fantasy 13 articles and thee MS buying Sony's gaming division. its never going to end.

3752d ago
Shadow Man3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

That damn Locust!


It never ENDS!!!

-Marcus Fenix

sonarus3752d ago

It will probably be a 4 disc game at the very least. The game has already given konami plenty of profits. If it came to the 360, how much would it really sell. The hype is down significantly and most of the people who wanted to play have already played it.

Then lets not forget licensing fees per disc that microsoft charges lol. It could come to the 360 if Msoft paid a sum though. Enough money to make it worth the trouble

Montrealien3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Nothing is impossible and if it does happen it will just let more people that don't have a PS3 be able enjoy this great game. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

this caption under a pic MGS2: Substance was funny...

"So it looks better on Xbox AND you can play as Snake? The PS2 is doomed OH WAIT"

power of Green 3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

"rumors keep cropping up that the game will eventually head to the Xbox 360"

^^ because the media makes this sh*t up to get hits or garner attention.

I dissagree with #1.2(that comment is in the wrong zone), I reported as off topic.

Reporting #1.2's comment as Spam, should suffice(as if being attacked and dissagreed with for nothing makes your suggestion not welcome) lol.

I hate missinformation no matter what.

morganfell3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Actually they are wrong about the number of disks. John Carmack just revealed that Microsoft requires almost 2GB of every 360 disk for the purposes of security software. So in addition to all of the other big reasons that is far more than 6 disks right there.

The biggest reason of all they ignore. Konami owns parts of the franchise but Kojima owns and controls most of it. He owns enough that he is the one with whom they will have to deal. It is why movie studios - Sony/Columbia negotiated with Kojima, not Konami in order to make a MGS movie. And Kojima says no other platforms period. Thankfully he is a person that is not motivated by money so any interested parties can just stow their checkbooks along with their hopes.

Nothing is impossible but many things are possible that reside in the land of the absurd and the simple instance of their possibility is hardly grounds for wishes or a grain of believability. I might win the lottery, Christina Aguilera or Jessica Alba might meet me by accident on the street and I will push them out of the way of oncoming traffic (more likely into it - airheaded women are not my type) but yes theoretically it could happen. Possible? I won't be waiting by the phone. SO yes it is possible but if it was a horse no one would bet on it.

@ pog,

While to the uninitiated what you wrote may seem noble I just went and looked at your recent post history where you attack people even using the acronym STFU with one poster. Hypocritical at best, wouldn't you say?

If you want to turn over some leaf it will require a longer period of demonstrated proof. With your recent history of posting, the current lake of crap you claim to disdain is to deep and of your own making for you to rise above.

Crazy Larry3752d ago

so please don't consider this a knock on MGS4, (I have not bought it but I'm sure it's amazing) this game is old news. I bet it wouldn't even sell that well on the 360. It's like Bioshock for the PS3. Both game are out, reviewed, played, beaten, and enjoyed...time to move on. The 360 does not need this game.

juuken3752d ago

Lol, of COURSE it is! C'mon man, you know Microsoft has a crapload of space on the 360! They have hidden bluray capabilities man!


But seriously, it'll never end.

Next: Microsoft ends up buying out both Nintendo AND Sony! -__-

CrazzyMan3752d ago

By the time MS4 comes to x360, IF it will come...
PS3 will probably cost 299$, if not less.

I don`t know on how many discs x360 version will come.. BUT there will be A LOT AMAZING PS3 games available by that time:
1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Inovation/Platform
3. Socom Confrontation - TPS
4. Afrika - Relaxing
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG
9. Siren New Translation - Horror
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platform
11. Killzone 2 - FPS
12. Infamous - Sandbox
13. Yakuza 3(japan) - Sandbox
14. White Knight Chronicles - JRPG
15. Tekken 6 - Figthing
16. M.A.G. - MMO TPS
17. God of War 3 - Slasher
18. Cross Edge - JRPG
19. Way of the Samurai 3 - Slasher
20. Team ico game
21. Heavy rain
22. Wardevil
23. Secret BBC Game

I don`t know, why would anyone not buy ps3?

Skadoosh3752d ago

Out of all the games you mentioned I will be buying 4 or 5.

mistertwoturbo3751d ago

Out of his list, I would be buying at least 14

Bucky Sligo3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

"23. Secret BBC Game"
Wow, sounds awesome. I hope they are better at making games than keeping secrets.

Shane Kim3751d ago

I'll be buying at least 15 of those games on that list.

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zo6_lover273752d ago

Oh god, this again?
I also think I read this before.

Shaka2K63752d ago

It will never get this Epic AAAA game.

Montrealien3752d ago

good thing I got a PS3 to play this great game, heck, good thing I got a 360 to play the great games on it also, ahh, the life.

Spread Butt Cheeks3752d ago

Stop talking. No one listens to muslims.

flambeau3752d ago

What does his post have to do with Muslims? You are just plain stupid if that's what you think.

Montrealien3752d ago

shaka is Nasim?

*slaps Spread Butt Cheeks"

*Grabs Nasim*


tomfoolery3751d ago

The 360 doesn't need it.
360 already has the best games.
Simple logic really.
We have all the best Sony games already,Final Fantasy,GTA series,Devil May Cry,Katamari,
gee whiz,the list goes on and on LOLLOLLOL.
You lose Sony hahahahah.
PS3 [email protected] suck on that.PWNED!

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incogneato3752d ago


Shadow Man3752d ago

I guess I have no choice...I'm going to have to buy a PS3...T_T