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The creators of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising take on the robots in disguise, in one of the most unique action games of the year.

Geobros3207d ago

Very good the first review for me. As a fan I will enjoy that game!

sAVAge_bEaST3206d ago

Just picked it up, and I'm glad I did.. Art direction, Arcade Feel, plus Sound.. -All Amazing.

Feriku3207d ago

I'm not a Transformers fan, but comparing the combat to Bayonetta has me much more interested than I would be otherwise.

MilkMan3206d ago

All I know is that based on the videos I thought this game was a simple run up to the enemy and start hitting buttons. It is not.
I waited for my game to unlock at midnight, and I thought Id be playing for about 10 minutes. My playthrough lasted a good hour before I had to hit the sack and I was fully entertained. A win for me, another win for Platinum and a bonus cause it looks so sweet.
Now, give me an open world G.I.Joe game vs. Cobra and we are good.

Automatic793206d ago

Can you describe a little more about the game. I am ready to purchase but I am not looking for a Moba Battle Arena game. Does it have a campaign like war on Cybertron?

TwoForce3206d ago

This game take place on earth. So the story is kinda different.

MilkMan3206d ago

Its linear. You go from objective to objective and you can clearly see where to go next on your mini-map. However there are secret areas and verticality on the maps.
I'm still on Chapter 1, so I cant speak on what the games offers in terms of variety but I already faced off against Megatron and Devastator. There is a simple control system, but its done Platinum style, which informs you that its hyper action and very addictive.
Think Vanquish light.
There are some hidden chest throughout the levels (you have to discover them) and when you do you get these "upgrades" to your stats. Its not something that you control per-se.

So far that's all I have, but its hella-fun.

deadpoolio3163206d ago

From the 5 chapters I've played, its not all that spectacular...

The combat is kind of hollow, 3 of the 4 chapters were set in that same city and it doesn't sound like were leaving. There was 1 short chapter that was different...

That Devistator LMAO you do that same fight like 3 times, after you fight each of the constructicons separately, and have 1 drive and shoot chase with one of them....

The 1 chapter in a ship, yeah um its fight smaller versions of the insecticons, leading to fighting bigger named versions one at a time, to then fight 3 of them at the same time at the end of the chapter...

This isn't that great of a game once you take off the nostalgia glasses. The Cybertron games were so much better and atleast you got to play as Decepticons and Autobots....

slappy5083206d ago

like bayonetta? colour me interested. Wasn't quite on my radar but I may just pick this up after Nathan Drake collection

Gazondaily3206d ago

I'm buying this and I'm gonna keep transforming for them old skool sounds.

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Activision's Transformers Games Have Been Relisted On Xbox And Steam Stores

Activision's Transformers games have been relisted on the Xbox and Steam stores, suggesting they could be available in the future.

Inverno12d ago

Aw snap, i pirated the first game since I couldn't get it on steam but couldn't get it to work. Guess i don't gotta go out of my way now. Now if only SONY worked with em to port over Edge of Time or remastered Shattered and Edge.

12d ago
Redgrave12d ago

The bots have returned!

*slow dramatic falling to the floor*

Inverno12d ago

"please add .com" what a well mannered bot.

CobraKai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

WTF? I’ve been wanting to replay Fall/War games. So bummed they didn’t make em backwards compatible. I think imma have to dig out my 360 out of storage

P_Bomb12d ago

Really wish they’d finish off the Fall/War run as a trilogy. The IP’s being wasted on mediocre games.

CobraKai12d ago

Yeah. Didn’t they try and merge the movie game and the Cybertron game for Dark of the Moon or something?

P_Bomb12d ago

I think they tried, but that’s one game I never played. Which is funny cuz I have the other movie games. Last TF game I bought was Devastation.

FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago

I really loved those games, I have them on my Steam account, but I wish they made more games like that.

ActualWhiteMan12d ago

Definitely don’t see them on steam…


The Best Games You Can't Officially Buy Anymore

From Xfire: "It's been estimated that roughly half of the video games ever released on the market can no longer be downloaded or purchased. Whether this is exactly correct is not the point. Rather, we think that either way, the video game industry, as a whole, has done a terrible job at preserving video games and making older titles available to play for future generations."

Terry_B1154d ago

You can play all of these games still lol. The headline is just misleading. Funny is that there is not one game in the list that you really can't play anymore due to it being online only games.

CorndogBurglar1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Its not about games you can't play. Its about games you can't officially buy anywhere.

Terry_B1154d ago

The author changed it actually

Army_of_Darkness1153d ago

Who needs to buy these games anyway? Most of them are average at best and won't really be missed.

littletad1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

It says buy, not play though. You can't purchase Deadpool or the Simpsons game anymore. Unless you have a 360 for the simpsons or a physical copy of deadpool, or purchased it before it was delisted.

shuvam091154d ago

Look at his comment. It's from 9 hours ago. Article goes back 4 hours. Title might have been changed after realising the mistake

isarai1154d ago

One you actually legit cannot play AT ALL is Noby Noby Boy. I miss turning my brain off and messing around in that game, was so psyched to re-download it when i rebought a ps3 slim, but you cant, even if it's in your downl library, along with a few other obscure PS3 games i had.