12 must buy [email protected] titles on Xbox One

It’s that time of year where you probably have more games to play than hours in the day but if you are just jumping over to the Xbox One and wonder what the best [email protected] titles are let us guide you and give you 12 must buy [email protected] titles on Xbox One every Xbox user should have in their library.

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raggy-rocket2679d ago

Love the support for indies across all gaming the last few years. AAA games are taking longer and longer to make and aren't cheap, so the support for indie devs not only gives them the money to make bigger/better/more refined games, but also gives us games in between the sometimes incidental droughts of no AAA games due to the long development cycles. Supporting these devs can open new doors into perhaps AAA games in their future meaning a steadier supply of games for us all and reducing the likelihood of any droughts. I congratulate them for the hard work they do on the low budgets and ridiculous hours against often huge and devastating competition because in the end, there can come a really good game. As time has gone on, they're really getting the recognition they deserve as great games and can sometimes be just as popular across gaming (e.g Rocket league, Ori, Journey etc.) as the big ones. Here's hoping they continue to thrive and make unique games that AAA devs wouldn't dare try to risk or venture into. They're beneficial to gaming as a whole

(and often a little lighter on the wallet)

gangsta_red2679d ago

Velocity 2X and Idarb are some seriously fun as hell games.

freshslicepizza2679d ago

that game is pretty good, also check out olli olli 2 and lovers in a danegerous spacetime,

gangsta_red2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I'm a huge fan of lovers in a danegerous spacetime. It is definitely one of my favorite games to come out of [email protected]

reflexmalice2679d ago

I believe it's indie games (ie. The Bridge ) that will lure the casual gamer.

r3f1cul2679d ago

indie games are almost always more interesting and original then aaa games nowadays... not to mention they normally ship not needing first day patches or with game breaking bugs like so many of these big releases now. indie games have won me over in the past 2 years with the ever increasing drop in quality from aaa games, and the rinse and repeat barely innovate yearly design they tend to have, especially upon release