PlayStation Now: Celebrate SHOCKTOBER with 13 New Subscription Games

Posted by James Martin on Oct 05, 2015 // Director of Marketing, PS Now:

SHOCKTOBER will be a month like no other on the PlayStation Now Game Streaming Subscription service. Thirteen dangerously fun games will be unleashed on the subscription service on Tuesday, October 6th to get your Halloween celebrations started with a bang! We also hope to resurrect your interest in fifteen other frightfully good games already haunting the service, so be sure to check some of the existing games in the service as well.

Here’s a video showcasing 6 SHOCKTOBER Games (3 new, 3 existing) to show you just a bit of the good stuff within the PlayStation Now subscription games library.

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WitWolfy2184d ago ShowReplies(2)
S2Killinit2184d ago

Nope its out. And its awesome.

sergons2184d ago

Yes, its awesome. Especially subscription price...

bamillington2184d ago

im just not interested in now at all. i would rather play new games

S2Killinit2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

That is true. But sometimes you want to play a game that you missed out on. Or you just want to play a quick session and you want a particular genre (lets say strategy). In that case PSNow is awesome. It has the largest renting catelog of any rental service i know of. You can play a quick session for the price of a starbucks coffee.

Bc is useless in comparison if you ask me because you have already played the games you owned last generation (for the most part). Also if i head to a store i dont want to buy a last gen game. On top of that you are at the merci of which old games are available at your local besbuy or gamestop. Then add the cost of driving to the store only to find that they dont have the old game you want... And well you get the picture.