LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness

Mark Valledor: Hey all,

We've been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the "planning dust" has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you'd like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

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Fishy Fingers3729d ago

Kratos SackBoy looks bad ass! :) I'll take him please!

Overr8ed3729d ago

Too bad this is only digital and to real. i would spend about 30$ for that Kratos Sackboy.

incogneato3729d ago

Yea I definitely want a REAL life high quality Sackboy doll. DAMN IT. I want it real bad too. I'm 22. And I want a sackboy doll...

sonarus3729d ago

i really really like the nariko sack girl:) Customization for the win

jwatt3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I really like the Kratos and Nariko sacks and It would be cool if they find a way to put Nariko in God of War3.

Edit: This is so great we are basically going to get to play with all are favorite playsation characters via Sackboys and Sackgirls. Confirmed so far to be playable sacks are the Helgast, Kratos, and Nariko. I know there's going to be alot more when the game comes out.

Doppy3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

There's a chance that Nariko may be in God of War 3, because I believe that Sony owns the Heavenly Sword IP now. However, that chance is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very slim. It would be kind of cool to play God of War 3 as Kratos or Nariko.

Anyway the sack boys/girls do look cool, they should do one for each Sony IP.

Nathan Hale
Nathan Drake

spectyre3729d ago

but am I the only that would prefer a Kai sack girl?

Peow3729d ago

You're not the only one. I LOVE Kai. At the end of HS, when I saw that one guy throw Kai off the bridge, I literally cried. Kai was the cutest and most adorable character I've seen in awhile. The voice acting in that game was amazing, when that freak was throwing the things at Kai, the way she screamed really showed her fear.


Here's a bubble for a fellow Kai lover, not that you need them though :P.

meepmoopmeep3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

i want a REAL sackboy.
i hope Sony goes into merchandising and sells these.

i'd like the pouch, my daughter will love the stickers, and the DLC costumes are sweet.

but i want a plush doll Sackboy.

juuken3729d ago

Kratos plushie FTW. :3
But I would like to see a Solid Snake plushie. :P

spectyre3728d ago

(clears throat) Forrest Gump imitation: "Bubbles is as bubbles does."

Milky3728d ago

Do you think they will do this in UK ?

gaffyh3728d ago

The Kratos sackboy looks awesome, Nariko's is OK, but Kratos looks much better.

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zo6_lover273729d ago

Freakin kratos sackboy, AWESOME

Ice2ms3729d ago

European Game Stop as Well please I want that sack lol nad the sticker book !

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