Editorial: What Makes a Classic Game?

What is it that draws gamers back to a piece of entertainment that should end up like most of the others, gathering dust on a shelf or end its life in a bargain bin after being traded in?

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I Love Xbox 3604360d ago

Q What makes a classic game
A It being on the PS3

Idonthatejustcreate4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

Centimental value - You were playing it when you were a kid and want to experience what you experienced back then.

Delirius memories - You thought the game was great when you first played it but now it looks and is crap but your memory of it is miss created making you think that it's up to current standards.

Extremely random game - Giving you a new experience everytime you play it.

Extremely hard game - Has so hard acheivements you could't complete them, but you are giving it a try because you think you have become a more "skillfull" player.

A Friends game - The game has a really great Co-op feature and you and your friends want to play together but all the current games have crap co-op's therefor your going back to the classic one.

When you combine one or more of these features you have a legendary game that will keep you coming back for ages =)

Examples of Epic games from my own experience:
Diablo 1 and Diablo 2
Fallout 2 and fallout tactics
Halo 1
warcraft 3
secret of mana
counter strike

Jeremy Clarkson4360d ago

Something that's inspiring, but doesn't necessarily reinvent the wheel.

But like most things, the definition of a classic game is subjective.
I'd pick Final Fantasy X as a classic game, because it had everything in it I like (great story, graphics, game play, lasting appeal).

However, somebody else could choose a completely different type of game such as Gears of War because it had all the elements they like to see in a game.

Shane Kim4359d ago

It must have a type of MGS story, I mean with alot of politics and plot twists.

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