Star Wars Battlefront / 5 Oct 2015 4 New Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Joining the revealed Drop Zone, Walker Assault, Hero Battle and Fighter Squadron modes are:

Droid Run

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Pathogenic2078d ago

So we all woke up this morning knowing that this week is the week that Star Wars Battlefront Beta launches on most platforms. Let me first say that I'm excited to return to Battlefront since the PlayStation 2 days. I'm actually happy that EA Dice has taken it over and worked closely with Lucasfilm Ltd. As of October 4th, 2015 we successfully launched our community on the PlayStation Network.

Our plan from the beginning is to create the ultimate Star Wars Battlefront experience only on the PlayStation 4. With that said our community is reaching out across the PlayStation Network where friends of friends have been inviting their friends to join the Star Wars experience. We have been hard at work bringing Star Wars fans of past and new in to get ready for the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and the release of the actual game itself.

Our Universe is created around the players and of their experiences with Star Wars from past to present. With those experiences it creates an experience worth being in. All in all the Star Wars players will shape the future of the Star Wars Battlefront Universe together. Check below for the run down of features we bring to the community.

- Daily updates on major news for Star Wars Battlefront

- We have moderators 24/7 to keep the peace

- Community chat parties for Q&A, Battlefront talk, Clans, Squads, etc.

- Create a squad or ask someone to play with online for the beta or actual game

- Talk about Star Wars Battlefront, etc

- Create a clan or join ours inside the Universe

Again our mission is to the players of PlayStation who love Star Wars and wants to be apart of a growing universe. We hope too see all you PlayStation 4 gamers in the community. You can find the community through myself, PathogenicKiller on the PlayStation Network and click on view profile and then communities.

May the force be with you today.

Crashbandicoot772078d ago

My most anticipated FPS multiplayer game this year!!!!

user99502792078d ago

Looks awesome. Really hope it has staying power. Half expecting to be playing BF4 instead after a few months.

cd12078d ago

Droid Run?...lets hope that aint some slow ass racing mode. Ha - Shuffling along trying to avoid incoming Jawa fire :)

DarkResistance2078d ago

can't wait to play the beta October 8th.