New Medal of Honor Game to Take Place in the Modern World

Slashgamer translated a french site and uncovered that the new Medal of Honor Game will take place today, as opposed to World War II. The game will feature over 60 weapons and each one will have customization features.

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ParadoxicalAssassin3724d ago

hope they can make it work. Don't think it'll surpass COD4 though, that game set the bar.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3724d ago

Yeah I dont think it will surpass CoD4 either. Its about time the makers of MoH realized that the new thing is modern, I hope its all urban, but better than RS.

I have to sneeze...

Ace Killa 083724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

they finally moved up to modern time, now i hope they can make a real good game. and really the only good medal of honors were Allied assault, Frontline Underground, and European Assault and from there it lost steam

cyclindk3724d ago

Which is you favorite MoH game?

cyclindk3724d ago

I just got MoH Airborne and was wondering what their next project would be...I just hope they don't use the Unreal Engine or god forbid switch engines midway through like they did with Airborne.

originalrece3724d ago

there just tryin to be another cod4 but but its not gnna b close


idk if thats a good thing or bad thing on one hand ww2 is played out so its good its going modern..on the other hand the medal of honor series has gone down hill

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