TeamXbox: A Kingdom for Keflings Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "While the genre may be fairly unknown to those who've grown up on consoles, or even just the Xbox, the city-builder is a long running type of management simulation, where the basic objective is to, well, build a city. Kind of like building a base in a real-time strategy like Command & Conquer, just without the need for defense towers. Or tanks. Or military of any sort. City-builders are generally calmer, more cerebral affairs.

And now Xbox Live Arcade is getting one. A slightly strange one too, from the same people who brought to XBLA the equally unique tycoon game Outpost Kaloki X (not to mention Cloning Clyde and Band of Bugs). Ah, tycoon games, another genre mostly lost on the over-caffeinated masses on Xbox Live, but still close to the heart of many PC gamers. Yes it's a niche, yes it's wonky, but believe you me, there are gamers out there who've been itching for a game like this."

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