Top 5 Games That Are Hidden Gems

GE writes: Have you ever wondered, “What games did I miss while I was reading all those chat boxes in FF7?” Maybe you were too busy shooting people in Call of Duty? Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are my top 5 hidden gems in video gaming.

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SteamPowered1112d ago

For how many Resident Evil games there are, its almost criminal there hasnt been a new Dino Crisis.

NiteX1112d ago

Since when is Dino Crisis a hidden gem?

Hoffmann1112d ago

None of these five was ever "hidden" or pretty unknown.

This is just another AAA Quality Article.

NerdStalker1112d ago

Dino crisis was really good, but the direction of the third one was painful and quite hard, not bad just a tough game that took the fun out of the series.

8BitSoul1112d ago

Dinosaurs in space? How is that in any way a painful direction? :P

I kid, of course! That title caught me totally off guard when I played it for the first time. I wonder what Capcom was thinking when they made the decision to take away everything that made the first two titles so good and change the setting to a futuristic spaceship.

8BitSoul1112d ago

Seriously, guy? Literally everybody has heard about all of those! I wouldn't call any of them hidden or unknown, especially Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire.

You wanna play some hidden gems? Assuming we're only talking about games from the 5th generation, try one of these:

- Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru - Saturn (only released in Japan/ extremely low print run)
- Hyper Duel - Saturn (only released in Japan/low print run)
- Gunners Heaven / Rapid Reload - PS1 (Japan and PAL region)
- Cyberbots - PS1, Saturn (only released in Japan)
- Incredible Crisis - PS1 (probably the most well known out of all the titles I've mentioned, but underappreciated!)

Wish I knew about a few hidden gems for N64, but I'm not that familiar with the system, since didn't get it until the end of it's life-cycle and only played the more popular titles.

There are tons of incredible lesser known titles out there, and as you might already have noticed; a lot of them never left Japan. The language barrier isn't a problem in most games from that era, unless it's an RPG or text-heavy game of course!

SteamPowered1112d ago

Jet Force Gemini was a lesser known gem for N64. One of my favorite games of all time. Now all but forgotten.

8BitSoul1112d ago

I totally forgot about that one. Thanks for reminding me! I vaguley remember seeing it at a friends house back in early 2000, but never got the chance to sit down and play it myself. Strange, considering how much I loved Rare's games back then. Everything they touched was pure gold in those days! Guess I'll have to look it up on ebay :)