Crossy Road Secret Hidden Characters Update: How to get the Totem

Crossy Road has just been updated again with a whole bunch more characters. There are a total of 9 new characters, and as has become the norm, many of them are from collaborations with other developers whom the Hipster Whale crew are friends with. One of these is, as per Hipster Whale standards, a secret.

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Yi-Long1162d ago

Used to be a fun game for me, until a few months ago, probably after an update, it started to become a bit laggy, sadly.

It was always super-smooth before that, so either an update to my phone or an update to the game itself has introduced the problem.

sweetgbus1161d ago

Same problem here. Try disabling wifi. After the last update, I noticed ads constantly loading in the background and resulting in a lot of lag. I hope this helps. Cheers!

RONALDOCR71161d ago

Yes its was a funny game and its also true that after updated it just suck.