TGR Review: NCAA Football '09 -"Wise Buy for Fans"

TGR - "NCAA Football is Madden's little brother that seems to get left in the dust the every year in the wake of Madden's massive release. This year, though, is different. With the addition of Online Dynasty Mode and Mascot Mash Up, among other new features, it might finally be the year that the game won't be forgotten in the daunting shadow of Madden. However, some bumpy gameplay, weird graphical errors, and a complete lack of any informative tutorial makes the game a difficult hill to climb for any player that isn't already fully invested in the series."

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cain1414355d ago

I wasn't a huge fan, but it's pretty good...

aubradley4355d ago

I've been enjoying this one ever since I picked it up. I just wish they hadn't cut back so much on the Campus Legend mode, it's pretty underwhelming.