PC Gamer's Top 100, part 4

The PC Gamer Top 100 finishes today with the top 25 games on their list.

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solar5166d ago (Edited 5166d ago )

would you look at that. PC Gamer, one of the top if not thee most respected PC gamer mag has 3, count them whiners 3, Valve games in the top 6 of their favorites. Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, and Portal.

no wonder you guys love bashing Valve so much. they wont bring their AAA titles to ps3 so you hate, and whine, and cry. if only i had that crying baby Jason360 loves to post.

well cry some more you whiners. ill be enjoying Left 4 Dead on my PC while you ps3 whiners jump on your hate wagon for one of the greatest developers around today....because they dont love your lil black box. pathetic lemmings.

aaquib55166d ago

This is about PC's top 100 games, not a PS3 vs 360 war. Go spam the post about FFX13 360 in Asia. F^cking fanbot.

solar5166d ago

awh. what do you know. someone with a ps3 as an avatar doesnt like my comment. go figure on this site. cry some more!

antoinetm5166d ago

On behalf of many people, i disagree.

Bigrhyno5166d ago (Edited 5166d ago )

I expect number 1 to cause some controversy. I wouldn't put it there myself, but I would replace it with another Valve game. Team Fortress 2 is a great game though.

23 City of Heroes
I don't agree with that. Granted I haven't played the game since a few months after launch, but unless it has gotten a huge overhaul (which maybe it has, I haven't kept track of it) then it doesn't even deserve to be on the list at all. The character customization was great and it was pretty fun, but there wasn't much content in the game at all.

aaquib55166d ago

PC gaming is dead. It has been dead since the PS2 came out. Microsoft was even so underwhelmed with the Games for Windows LIVE sales that they're giving away LIVE for free now, something they used to charge $50 for.

Bigrhyno5166d ago

"PC gaming is dead."

And Mel Gibson is Jewish.

Daxx5166d ago

"PC gaming is dead."

Blizzard and Valve seem to be doing fine.

aaquib55166d ago

But every other game company seems to be struggling. STEAM is brilliant, if it wasn't for steam, we wouldn't be playing games on our PC. And Blizzard is only hitting the sweet spot on MMO's because those can't be stolen like every other game on PC.

Seafort5166d ago

And every game on xbox360 too. the x360 has massive piracy problems too.
You just choose to ignore it.

Bigrhyno5166d ago

"And Blizzard is only hitting the sweet spot on MMO's because those can't be stolen like every other game on PC. "

Warcraft 3 and Starcraft are still 2 of the most popular games in the world. Then add Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 soon.

Charmers5166d ago

So The PC has been dead since the PS2 came out !!!! how long ago was that ? 8 years I believe, yet here the PC still is gaming away. I have no doubt you will be saying the same thing when the PS4 is out except you will go "oh the PC has been dead since the PS3 came out".

There is one reason only why Games for windows live went free and that was COMPETITION there are dozens of free online services that PC gamers can use. So if you are a developer and you cripple your game by making it only work on Windows live then you kill any chance of it being a success on the PC. PC gamers are not as gullible to pay for online multiplayer.

As for this top 100 list, I have to say it is mildly dissappointing they put a purely MP game as their number 1. It is a bit of a slap in the face to all those great single player games out there. I have played TF2 and personally didn't think all that much to it.

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antoinetm5166d ago

#1 should have been Warcraft III : tower defense mod

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