Mega Man 9: Now with Slowdown and Flicker

Since Mega Man 9's 8-bit style was first revealed, many have asked (often in jest) whether or not the new old game would also have the flicker and slowdown which plagued many of its predecessors. Now, thanks to Producer Hironobu Takeshita, we have our answer.

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buckethead_X3727d ago

That's pretty cool. I wonder how many people will leave it on.

ExcelKnight3727d ago

Definitely going to do so.

Slowdown helped me take care of a few hairy situations, like floods of enemies running toward me because they carried over an entire scrolling section of a stage.

I'll play the unbugged game once I master the buggy one.

Shane Kim3727d ago

Are they putting an 8-bit game on PSN/XBLA? Never thought that coming. Everything just has to be remade these days.

Harry1903726d ago

and you don't even know,what a shame...

I left the door open for a funny reply,do it now and don't mess up like you did at the unveiling of 'You are in the *cough-cough* Rip Off' at the E3 conference,or else,I am sending giant chameleons for real after you.

Smacktard3727d ago

Even though I'm not really a fan of the original Megaman, and am kind of bad at those games, I feel compelled to buy Megaman 9, if only to support Capcom for being so awesome.

Zerodin3726d ago

...who deserve this game!
The HD only crowd snubs their nose at stuff like this.
Why do they want it all of the sudden?

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