Trend analysis of PSP publisher support

Spencer writes:

"Square Enix seems like one of the strong PSP supporters with the recent announcement of the 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII shifting from mobile phones to the PSP. However, just a few weeks ago at E3 there weren't many PSP titles shown. Resistance: Retribution was the most notable announcement from the show and the title Sony Computer Entertainment America seemed most excited about. The reminder of this year's PSP forecast looks light on the games and this isn't limited to North America. Even in Japan where the PSP remains immensely popular, thanks in part to Monster Hunter, it feels like retail releases are dwindling."

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Kassanova074356d ago

A good, in depth article. More please.

iamtehpwn4356d ago

But I'm a huge FFVII fan, so I bought a PSP to play Crisis Core.
And now I'm a huge fan of it. I feel like its a PS2 in my pocket.
it's great.

I didn't care much for Agito or the 3rd birthday either, but now that that they're on PSP, I'm going for it.

badz1494356d ago

I've had my PSP since 2005 and now planning to get my 3rd! before its relese, I didn't believe the hype about how powerful it is, you know, at that time, we only had GBA as a reference for handheld and DS came but the graphic still not far away from what we've seen on GBA! the first time I got my hands on PSP, I was totally blown away and I bought my 1st PSP(white) when it was on FW2.0! right now, I still love my PSPs and play it frequently! I used it for watching movies and animes, MP3s and as video camera! I also use it to make video calls with my gf staying oversea and not to forget remote play, which is AWESOME! It's a shame not many games support it but I hope this will change in the future! I was worried when it got less attention from devs but after E3 and recently SE announcements, I'm happy the PSP is getting the attention it deserves! PSP FTW!!

kevnb4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

its just way to easy to hack a psp, combine that with the fact that the games are mostly very small in size and you have your reason for this decline. Its alot like pc gaming, your game has to be of very high quality for people to want to buy it when they can have it for free.

badz1494356d ago

no system is piracy free bar the PS3 at the moment! as for the PSP, it's true that the piracy is rampant but if only it can caters different games and by that I mean, exclusive games like the DS, people will buy games on it! look at the DS, the games for it are even at smaller size and R4 is being sold everywhere including in Japan itself! but as the games are unique, people tend to buy them and thus it seems like it is OK despite being heavily pirated like the PSP! I hope more exclusive games are coming to PSP and here's hoping for it to stay longer in the market! Go PSP

dabizo4356d ago

Everyone I know who has a DS or kids have a DS also have the Firecard - none of them buy games, they just download the rom off the net - same for 360, I even had a chipped 360 and got games for £1.50 each!
PS3 is the only console/gaming device that cannot play pirate games.