Sequels: The Fall of Originality in Gaming?

"It is quite amazing to compare how many movies during the summer blockbuster season are original titles. Adaptations, sequels, cookie-cutters and remakes are all the rage nowadays since they promise the studios money. In video games, the same holds true. Sequels have always been an assumed prospect in the video game world. However, sequels may be taking a toll on innovation and creativity in the video game industry."

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LiquifiedArt3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

...PixelJunk Eden, Echochrom, The Last Guy, PixelJunk Monsters, Pain, Everyday Shooter. I mean seriously...

Second Word PLAYSTATION...
Originality, User Generated Content, Epic Storys, AAA Blockbusters, Bitesized Casual Content, Offline Multiplayer Content, Online Multiplayer content, HD Videos, Free Online, HOME.

What else could one possibly want... Its all wrapped up in the black box.

Maybe its just an xbox problem, cause I dont see it here at the Sony camp. sorry.

DTClown3753d ago

Plenty of freshness here in PS3 land thank you very much!

RSX3753d ago

..Talented first party devs.

p.s killtheaquitted you shouldn't have used that story image
some may attack you for it

Fishy Fingers3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Games are following in the Hollywood footsteps. Games (like movies) are seriously big money now, it's difficult to convince an investor to give you a lot for something that isn't guaranteed to make a profit.

Halo, MGS, COD etc etc all offer that little piece of stability that an investor can rest their hat upon.

But thankfully, they are still some development studios taking "risks".

SmokingMonkey3753d ago

was the best Star Wars, so no sequels don't suck, but we certainly could use more ip's. Thank you SONY uncharted, infamous, LBP etc.
and we still haven't seen one Jak and Dax game on PS3, and we still haven't seen Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.