Gaming and Drugs - The Debate

GENWire speaks to two gamers who used drugs to win tournaments.

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christian hour1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Performance Enhancing drugs should not be allowed in any form of competitive tournaments. The only way it would ever be OK is if EVERY person involved in the tournament was handed them upon entry.

As for gaming and drugs at home, fine by me. Gaming and some weed go hand in hand, although you wouldn't smoke that for a competitive edge XD "Wait, why are we even fighting against each other guys? We should be like, in minecraft, building a better world!"

I played Minecraft on the tail end of Acid once... and then this happened and scared the poop out of me -->

Lesson Learned :)

"Another gamer who was contacted by GENWire did not say if he had or hadn't won any tournaments while using drugs, but said he had."

This part makes no sense, I thought maybe I read it wrong but... nope. Guessing it's a grammar mistake/oversight.

HaveSumNuts1135d ago

I use to smoke joints and play multiplayer in BF4 a lot I'd usually come out 1st or 2nd in matches. My first thoughts would usually be "Imagine if these players knew that the rank 30 guy is beating all the prestiged players while high as f#ck."

christian hour1135d ago

Yeah I personally know a tonne of stoners who are insanely good at FPS PVP.

The guy I game share with on ps4 is basically a shut in, all he does is play FPS and get high XD Used to be some years ago, you'd go to his and there'd be a crew of 3 or 4 with 2 tvs and 2 consoles set up playing people online in CODMW1/Halo daily.

The rest have since moved on and spend less time either playing (one has moved to spain and grows his own, but doesnt game anymore) or they've stopped smoking but still play although not as frequent.

Everyones finished college, grown up and have responsibilities, basically XD Some of those guys even have kids, have gotten married or are engaged. Scary stuff!

sephiroth4201134d ago

lol i find weed helps with competitive playing, well with mates anyway, i personally play tekken a hell of a lot better high and rocket league, to be honest they should just be like you cant use anything other than weed to participate, unless you dont want it.

SaveFerris1135d ago

In regards to eSports, do these drugs really work? There must be instances where 'clean' players have beaten players who have used some kind of performance enhancing drug.

rainslacker1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Depends on which drug it is. Something like Adderall could cause a marked improvement on concentration which a skilled player could convert into an advantage. Overusing it though can actually cause a downgrade in performance, leading to being too twitchy.

I take adderall by prescription, and when I play games when it's finally fully sunk in, I play the game better. it doesn't make me a more skilled player though, just makes me able to react better to what needs to be done, or concentrate better and be more perceptive of things I wouldn't otherwise as my mind tends to wonder wildly.

If one has a prescription to adderall, or similar drugs, I don't feel they should be cast out of the tournaments. but if one is taking it without need, then I could agree. However, it's fairly easy to get a prescription nowadays if you can just find a doctor willing to prescribe it, and there are no government mandated regulations on what is required to diagnosis ADD/ADHD so it kind of muddys the waters and screws it up for the more honest folk.

Bigpappy1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Why use the Xbox controller? The druggies are NOT on Xbox. That's slanderous and not funny. Well except for Snoop Dog.

SteamPowered1134d ago

Gaming, Weed, and Munchies. It's the holy trinity of any great session.

2cents1134d ago

yeah there is...

is it puff puff give, or puff give.
pass to the left or the right?
looser rolls?


rainslacker1134d ago

Apparently. To me, professional sports don't allow PED's so I don't know why it's even a topic of discussion. Heck, I don't know why it wasn't already in the rules that they couldn't be used.

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