GTA IV Modded Remains Unbelievably Beautiful, Gives All Triple-A Sandbox Games A Run For Their Money

DSOGaming writes: "Lately we’ve been getting a lot of open-world/sandbox titles on PC and current-gen consoles. And while GTA V has been released on the PC, the modded version of GTA IV is still in some areas more impressive than it. Reddit’s member ‘ifaptoyoueverynight‘ shared the following images, showcasing what can be achieved with a number of mods in GTA IV."

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scark921113d ago

Has anyone a link to this exact mod in motion, everytime I see these exact pictures, there is never a video to back it up...

john21113d ago

The problem here is that he did not reveal the mods he's been using. Apart from that, here is GTA IV modded in action ->

scark921112d ago

How impressive, thanks!

Utalkin2me1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


Im sorry but i am not impressed by that video you posted to say the least. Over uses motion blur, raises the gamma and saturate colors.

Now while the article has some nice screens, i want to see that in action.

frostypants1112d ago

Thay doesn't look remotely as good as these screenshots. I'm with those that say these screenshots are just for show, not play(and probably photoshopped).

Orionsangel1112d ago

Too bad it's GTA IV. Hated that game.

Poroz1112d ago

I have downloaded these "mods" and the only thing I have concluded is that, the better "graphics" are only in the players POV.

Imalwaysright1112d ago

Looks far better than vanilla GTA 5.

kotaku771111d ago

Is there a mod to make GTA IV fun?

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