IGN: Midnight Club: Dub Edition Vs. Los Angeles

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition was definitely one of IGN's favorite arcade racers of the last generation of consoles. It was fast, brash and packed one of the best soundtracks since WipEout. They have been hanging for a sequel ever since, but instead of rushing one out, Rockstar San Diego has taken its time with Midnight Club: Los Angeles (MCLA). In fact, it's been three years since the last game first hit stores, and it's a real eye opener seeing how far gaming has come in that time.

IGN went to RockStar's Sydney offices to get some hands-on time with the new game, then dug up their copy of Dub Edition to check out how the series has changed. Obviously the graphics are leaps and bounds ahead of what was possible on PS2 and Xbox, but the gameplay has evolved a heap too, which is what they will be primarily focusing on for this feature.

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will the online b like burnout a open city