ESA collects $280K from California

In the last few years, American taxpayers have forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Entertainment Software Association due to lawmakers' failed attempts to legislate the gaming industry. Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota have all been ordered to reimburse the group's legal fees in recent years, with the Land of Lincoln being hit for $500,000. Today the ESA is adding to its tally, as the trade group has collected $282,794 from the state of California in reimbursed legal fees over a defeated game law. The ESA had originally demanded reimbursement of $320,000 from the state.

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Sarick4352d ago

We have a constitution for keeping the government in check to protect the public. Looks like the legislators who are mostly lawyers by nature forgot that the constitution is part of the law.

Just because legislators have power and people demand stricter laws. It doesn't mean it'll easily be passed if they neglect the highest law.

The constitution.

Because of them ignoring it in the first place it's costing tax paying citizens. Drop it already and stop wasting that money. Instead invest in ways to educate your government and it's citizens.