Most modern racing games suck. Here's what they're doing wrong

Have you ever driven a go-kart? It feels fast, doesn't it? Really fast. It's exciting and fun and you love the feeling of the tyres struggling for grip on the smooth track surface, screeching as you corner. You grip the wheel so hard, and every bump in the road travels through your body as you clatter around the track. Then you get out of the kart and look at the next lot doing it, and you wonder why they're going so slowly. They're not going any slower – the experience is fast, but the reality is not.

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3-4-52131d ago

uhh there are a decent amount of good racing games out there.

dumb article.

Crimzon2132d ago

Realism is cancer to the racing game genre. Once developers stop obsessing over licensed cars, licensed tracks and prioritizing photorealistic graphics over gameplay, we might see the genre become fun again.

Praying for a new Burnout game.

cannon88002132d ago

Burnout paradise was so much fun. I remember going over my friend's place and playing it for countless hours.

MASTER_RAIDEN2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Totally agree. just thinking about how racing games have taken such a realistic approach makes me cringe. Im sick of year-in-year-out releases of these racing sims without any regard for the arcade style racing game. in my opinion, Need for speed underground 1 & 2, midnight club and burnout paradise all had the perfect mix of realism and fun-feel. in fact, those were some of the best times ive ever had with a game.

2131d ago

Why do people keep insisting forza is an arcade racer? It's a racing sim.
Also, all of the games I mentioned are like 6 years old by now. Why would I "look at them" as an example? What we're talking about is a general need for games to be as realistic as possible. Gone are the days of highly customizable rides with dirty hip hop and techno soundtracks. Now even games like need for speed have a clean-cut feel to them.

LA_Zeo2132d ago

Only reason u could say DriveClub sucks is the lack of offline co-op.

Retroman2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

(The secret recipe is right here. Let's do this.)

Ummmmm, where is the "Secret recipe" ????? no part 2 to reveal it.

unless "secret recipe" is offline 2 player closed circuit racing dunno.

FlameWater2132d ago

Need for Speed Shift 2 covered all these basis for me

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The story is too old to be commented.