GamingAge Review - Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Dustin Chadwell Writes: "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is the first, true sequel to the wildly successful entry that spawned a slew of twin stick shooters for Microsoft's arcade platform on the Xbox 360. Like any good sequel, Evolved 2 manages to introduce quite a few new modes; some slightly tweaked and balanced gameplay improvements, but yet keeps the initial formula intact that made the first Geometry Wars such an excellent title.

Like in the previous GW, you'll pilot a small ship against hordes of various enemies, all of which stay true to the "geometry" theme of the game. You'll notice that a lot of enemies are making a return here, like the purple cubes that split into two smaller cubes when hit, or the blue and orange snakes that can only be destroyed by hitting their head. However, a few new additions pop up, such as the mostly benign pink dual squares, and for the most part all the additions provide an excellent challenge, at least in large numbers."

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