Report from Inside EA's Shareholders Meeting

Seeking Alpha writes: "Electronic Arts (ERTS) has a history of fun shareholder meetings. Its previous CEO, Larry Probst, seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight and demonstrating new games. In previous years, he had a member of the Board play a new skateboarding game in front of shareholders. ERTS also provides great sweets every year--no real food, but the non-Costco chocolate chip cookies, mini-cheesecakes and Starbucks coffee are more than enough.

The cafeteria is a few yards away from the auditorium where the meeting is usually held, and the panini I had was great. Wearing a buttoned shirt and slacks, I was obviously out of place among the jeans and t-shirt employee crowd. A group of employees was playing touch football on the lawn across from the cafeteria."

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DJ3753d ago

"EA cannot afford to have a competitor like Microsoft get immediate talent and a firmer foothold in the gaming industry because MSFT could potentially limit EA's future X-Box game sales."

It's easy to forget that console manufacturers (and their internal dev studios) are also competing against 3rd party developers.