Digital Chumps Preview: C&C: Red Alert 3 Exclusive Beta

DC reports:

''First off, let's talk about what's in the beta. As you might expect, it's pretty thin on actual content. There is no single-player mode to choose from, and in online play, you can only challenge other humans; the AI hasn't yet been implemented (though we hear it is absolutely vicious-it'll "micro you to death" says one EA employee). But here, things are pretty straightforward. Log on with your EA Account and choose an online handle (which can be different each time if you so choose) and you're taken straight into the beta chat lobby, which, in our case, was rarely filled with more than eight to ten people. From here, you can either create your own game or join someone else's (if one exists, heh) through either an automatic match or a custom selection of the available games.

Next, the host chooses the map-there are only two available in the beta. The second map, which I won't be covering too heavily in this article, is designed primarily for four-player action. It's a small land mass surrounded by a series of other scattered, smaller islands that play home to capturable resources such as naval yards and oil derricks. A central raised location separating all the bases also provides capturable Communication Posts which provide a view of your enemies' bases if you're lucky enough to secure them.''

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