Warhammer Online -- War Journal

GameSpy: "We've been eagerly awaiting Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning since the game was first announced. Mythic Entertainment's take on the blackly comic Warhammer Fantasy universe is ripe with potential including a robust PvE track and a fascinating take on player-vs.-player and Realm vs. Realm combat similar to the much-praised system from Mythic's own Dark Age of Camelot. Fortunately for anyone looking to sink their swords into Orkish (or Dwarf or Elf or human) flesh, the wait is almost over. The GameSpy crew is one of the first to be priveleged to enter the Warhammer Online beta and we're spending this entire week chopping and slashing and bringing back reports on just how bloody it's going to be once the real Waaaaagggggghhhhh! begins."

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