Xenia – Most Promising Xbox 360 Emulator – New Video Shows Rayman 3 HD Running (Full Of Glitches)

Xenia is the most promising X360 emulator that is currently under development. Today, YouTube’s ‘John GodGames’ shared a video, showing Rayman 3 HD running via this emulator.

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Hoffmann1236d ago

The first xbox still holds the record for being the only console released before around 2005 that is not yet emulated and we see the first steps of xb360 emulation already. Crazy!

DragoonsScaleLegends1236d ago

It sucks that it's not emulated yet but it's still amazing what you can do with a original Xbox and mods. I installed a 1.5TB in one along with xbmc and it surprisingly supports 1080i.

Hoffmann1236d ago

Heh, still have a modded xbox here since ages because those games like Shenmue 2, Jet Set Radio Future and of course Project Gotham Racing. I remember SNES emulation was pretty cool on it, but its catching dust here now since years. Would love to see the thing getting emulated finally

justlikeme1236d ago

B/C It wasn't worth emulating. Not enough games for the time and energy to put behind figuring out the coding for it..

Hoffmann1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

There were a good couple of attempts though through the years.

Oh and if your point would be valid, consoles like the Atari Jaguar, the 3D0 or the friggin' Virtual Boy would not be among the big list of emulated consoles.

Testfire1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I hope eventually everything gets emulated. Not for the piracy aspect, but simply to preserve the games forever in a digital format. Its scary to think that an old game can be lost forever to the consumer because no more physical copies exist and a publisher or the content owner will never re-release it.

hiptanaka1236d ago

Actually, there's an original Xbox emulator (XQemu) that is coming along pretty nicely. It's still in its early stages, but it seems pretty promising.

FoxyGotGame1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I'm really interested in these emulators for the PC >Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, PS3 and now 360!

Damn, wish I could get into PC Gaming...truth be told, I've been on Console so long, I find PC's for Gaming intimidating. Besides, I'm far too lazy to learn its naunces (

PistolsAtDawn1235d ago

...actually the best 360 emulator is on X1

Rookie_Monster1235d ago

Of course it is. It is made by a team of software Pros and not enthusiasts.

cartoonx11235d ago

its not just coz they are 'software pros'. they are the developers and they know everything about x360. it's whole lot easier to implement and emulator if u have internal knowledge and source code for the console which ms has but thos so called enhusiasts dont.