Three Speech: Naughty Dog's Richard Lemarchand talks trophies, Edge, cells and studios…

Three Speech writes: "Judging by the threads recently we're sure you'll be interested by this interview with Richard Lemarchand of Naughty Dog. He spoke to us about Uncharted and trophies, and gave us his opinion on what the future holds for the PS3 gaming experience…

Trophies are coming to the PlayStation Network: at last, we'll be properly rewarded, with virtual silverware, for our stunningly impressive, hard-won in-game achievements. In fact, when we say that Trophies are coming, that isn't strictly correct: they have arrived, thanks to the latest PS3 firmware update, which adds support for them, accessible via the Cross-Media Bar which, of course, we can now open in the middle of playing a game.

If you want to find out what the Trophy system is like, you can: by replaying Uncharted: Drake's Fortune which, of course, had its own Medals system for rewarding achievements. As ever, on your behalf, we went straight to the horse's mouth, in the form of Richard Lemarchand, Co-Lead Game Designer at Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, who was making a rare visit to his native Britain for his summer holidays."

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thePatriot4359d ago

60%=100% crysis
at the end, just knowing that naughty dog, insomniac, sucker punch and santa monica studio have such close relationship with each other makes me feel great confidence for God of War. also, thanks for Edge guys.

Montrealien4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

etownone asked an amazing question, in the failed comments section of the Dublicate story.

"and if playstation fans are so concerned about graphics, why didn't they get a Xbox last gen that proved superiority with every multi-plat game? "

Not only is it a great question, but it is the definition of irony when it comes to this gens so called "console war".

It is about the games, not the power you have available, not the amount of coloring crayons you have, but what you draw with them. Great games are coming from both consoles and the more competition, the better the games will be from all of them. It`s always good to know that there is room for improvment when it comes to making great games on the PS3.

Gamers who don't care about the console wars and don't limit themselves to one console will get the most enjoyment this gen, or any gen for that matter. That is all.

I looooove Uncharted, it looks amaaaaazing. With that said, it has the slickest graphical pop ups in gaming history. So many leaves trees and grass just appear from nowhere. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 70% is less pop up and native 1080p?