Female Journalist Attacked for New Wii

With the Wii being as rare as a good English cricket player (or a modest Australian), you will not be surprised to read the story of a female CNN journalist being badly manhandled in a Stateside queue for the console...

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CompGeek4347d ago

People are freakin ridiculous.

A. Get a set of morals you douchebags

B. It's a last-gen powered console, pick up a 360. No quantity limitation and the game selection is unbeatable.

wulfgar884347d ago

but you dont know what your missing...gaming has never been more fun and im a Wii60 owner...360 is awesome but for pure fun its Wii all the way...but i do agree that they should certainly know how to treat a lady

quantae064347d ago

I love how fun the Wii is, but you guys shouldnt treat a lady like that.

PS360WII4347d ago

Why buy a 360 when you can have a Wii which is a heck of a lot more fun to use and has some really great games! Ah well I'm a Wii60 man anyways but I do use the Nintendo product a hell of a lot more. Basically 360 is a great HD-DVD player ^^

Back to the story yea those people need a set of morals. They are the worst kind of people and I'm glad this lady was a reporter so she can call them out on being a-holes

ChickeyCantor4347d ago

thats all i got to say

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