TGR Preview: Borderlands - "Very Fresh"

TGR - "Borderlands is one of those games that has a unique status. While it remains under the radar with a continually pushed back release date, and possesses scant details on actual gameplay, the title still manages to get plenty of notice, remaining firmly entrenched in the backs of gamers' minds no matter what other high profile games are already being released. On the final day of this year's E3, we managed to drag our sleep deprived selves over to 2K's booth for a look at some upcoming titles, including the cryptic Borderlands."

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Relin3786d ago

I'm really glad developers are going balls-deep with role-playing elements in shooters, but please, let's stick with one acronym. "Role-Playing Shooter" now has my vote.

cain1413786d ago

Yeah... I hate when acronyms get huge...