Hardcore Gamer | Tears of Avia is a Simple RPG With Potential

"Even if Tears of Avia will just have battles, dungeons, and a hub area, this means that it will need to grab players with its writing, balance, difficulty, and depth to be exceptional. Talking to party members will need to actually be engaging, especially if it can result in quests. The plot, which features a mage who froze an evil army and his beloved along with it, may be simple enough to take a backseat for the character arcs. Meanwhile, turn-based tactical combat with movement and attack fields requires a significant amount of balancing and testing if each class’ large selection of skills is going to even matter. On one hand, Tears of Avia can become a game that demands careful planning and thought, while on the other, it could easily end up brainless."
-Hardcore Gamer

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RexFury2180d ago

A really underrated project. I hope more people see the potential of this.

rhap2179d ago

Too bad it's not for consoles. I'd support if they had a PS4 stretch goal.