Pioneer Produces 500GB Blu-ray Disc

The article reports: -

If at first you succeed, just go and raise the bar anyway...

Since seems to be the motto at Pioneer since it has followed up its ground breaking (and potentially Blu-ray compatible) 16 layer 400GB optical disc (below) with a 500GB version less than one month later.

A mammoth 25 layers were jammed onto the disc this time around and it also has the same potential to be made Blu-ray compatible - though whether a disc with the capability to handle around 20+ 1080p flicks has really any use other than as a storage medium is open to some debate (2160p Fuller HD anyone?!).

"While Blu-ray discs (BD), offering both 25GB and 50GB, are sufficient for users' current demands, we envision the need for a technology that can support far greater capacities as HD streaming in particular becomes commonplace and users build larger files of digital content," said Pioneer Multimedia Division Product Manager Brendan Sheridan. "The multi-layered method is compatible with Blu-ray devices providing a long term future for the technology and is more easily produced when compared to competing technologies such as holographic storage."

Sheridan admits the disc is only a research project at present though talks are ongoing with the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) about formalising the standard. Public availability? Between two and four years it claims - though I'm guessing it will take a brave man to risk a 500GB coaster...

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cahill3752d ago

The disc is compatible with existing blu-ray players

"The multi-layered method is compatible with Blu-ray devices providing a long term future for the technology and is more easily produced when compared to competing technologies such as holographic storage. "

Kami3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

show this to kojima so he can make MGS5 or a new Zone of the enders.

NOw there is no excuse to put whole game anthologies/colections for the ps3.

Lifendz3752d ago

a 10 year lifespan may have just been expanded.

hardmetal3752d ago

100 X360 games on 1 Blu-ray disc.


jaja14343752d ago

Umm it says "potentially Blu-ray compatible"

shazam3752d ago

you just cant stand positive ps3 news can you?

jaja14343752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Care to tell me where I was being negative?
"is compatible with existing blu-ray players" is what he said, and "potentially Blu-ray compatible" is what the article says.

This has nothing to do with childish my system is better than yours crap. It's about stating false information as fact, but I guess state falls on deaf ears...

But if you wish go through my past comments and find some "anti-PS3" comment. Hell you would even find I already own a PS3... *gasp*

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wallace10003752d ago

That is a rather sizable disc. It is good to know that if needed, they can produce a disc with that much space.

cahill3752d ago

I just wish SONY decides to mass market this soon since it is compatible with all blu ray players

PirateThom3752d ago

There's not really much use at the moment, but in the future, it would be amazing for entire TV show series or even movie triologies and a lot of extra features.

However, 500GB discs would be more useful for business level storage instead of consumer use.

cahill3752d ago

you could be having a 10 movie Blu Ray disc in the future at full 1080p glory

yes it has future usage both commercially and domestically

Kami3752d ago

now they can put the whole DBZ series in one disc.

Shankle3752d ago

We will look back in astonishment at the way we had box sets of TV shows.

Skerj3752d ago


Oh they'll still find a way to screw you out of money and make a box for something that could have totally fit on one disc without a sacrifice in quality.

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B-Rein3752d ago

GOOD news for ps3 owners and not to mention bluray fan hahah, well multiple discs are history already (on the ps3 only) and ill be super SHOKED if a game comes in 2 50 gig bluray disc

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