Star Citizen? More like thanks for the money suckers

Knowtechie: The hits keep coming for the PC game Star Citizen. You may remember the game as Kickstarter’s 2012 $4.2 million dollar baby. You may also know that this game has been in some sort of development limbo, actually hell, for some time. You see, Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games have essentially built giant wax wings with $89 million dollars of pledged money since the start of this campaign and now, according to an article by The Escapist, they are flying it right into the molten core or the sun.

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crazychris41241139d ago

Oh god I hope this isnt true. Idk how you can spend $82 million and have little to show for it. Had high hopes for this game. Havent spent on dime on Star Citizen since I was waiting for more content to roll in, guess I made the right choice.

Hopefully this is just a pissed off worker that was fired and development is fine and they have plenty of cash. This game has a ton of potential if done right.

agentxk1139d ago

I agree but the feature creep on this has been insane. I could see this be the next Duke Nukem Forever

XBLSkull1138d ago

I'm a poor sucker who bought into it, don't know why PC enthusiasts hold it in high regard, its nothing special nor are its graphics.

Lamboomington1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

The 'feature creep' was the full game that backers and the devs wanted to make. The fact is that they stopped stretch goals a long time back to avoid feature creep. What else can be said ? It's all so subjective - what is good for the game and what is feature creep ?

The game is bigger, and will take a lot of time. People need to stop treating it as if it is still beholden to it's 2014 release estimate, which was back when even the online portion (the PU) was a stretch goal to begin with ! The vast majority of the backers, as well as CR want the much bigger game they're making now, as opposed to the smaller game that was supposed to release in 2014

Whether it ends up failing or not, we'll just have to see. Maybe it will ! Let's watch and see what happens.

Shinuz1138d ago

My god do even any of you guys have bought the game here?
cause I sure have, the base game for what 40$ something bucks (why waste any of my money on these 100$ and plus ships, ill get them in the game eventually) but seriously what they are doing here is really amazing, the arena module is really great so far (dogefighting against ai or players) and the recent space station hub or whatever is awesome, can't wait for all the shops to be operational, its like mass effect online or something, the detail is amazing.

Its not the first game I kickstart (and it won't be the last) but most of the time we don't get much before the game releases and they didn't even have to release all this stuff for us to have fun with, but they did (to get some feedback and test things I guess) and what they created so far is really cool, its a great time to be part of such an ambitious projet and to date everything i've seen is really positif.

what do you guys whant? a game like Elite:dangerous that promises things but in the end doesn't really have a lot and then ask for more money through an expension that clearly won't add everything they promised at the start to only sell you another expension down the road or just wait a couples of years (ok i get it its been what 4 years now) to get the complete awesome package with a single player story campaing a la wing commander along with a huge online world with lots of people and i'm guessing that they'll keep adding stuff, these guys are cleary passionate about what they're doing and I support them all the way!!

Crimzon1138d ago

Friendly reminder to anyone who invested that you can now seek refunds. If you're not the gambling type I would suggest doing so now rather than later considering a bunch of ex-employees have said that they've nearly run out of funding money. If CIG somehow manage to actually deliver on this game somehow in five years or so (they won't) then you can just buy it again then when it's a finished product. For now however, you'd have to be a fool to not seek a refund if you've actually thrown money at this thing.

WellyUK1138d ago

The game has the DayZ problem. It's just potential and so far it's miles off.

Spenok1138d ago

So basically Elite Dangerous is the better space sim?

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Godmars2901139d ago

"Idk how you can spend $82 million and have little to show for it."

Not properly planning between points A through Z. Only coming to realize that you done goofed by point E but going on regardless.

Sock Gnome logic son. Sock Gnome logic.

Lamboomington1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Well, you have to be very skeptical of all this. The truth of the matter is, yes, there probably has been some mismanagement of funds, some problems in the work place. However, I strongly believe that this is really being blown out of proportion.

The original escapist piece on this is just sad. They posted the article (now updated) without including the response from CIG (They later gave a pretty lame excuse for that). It was sickening, honestly, the way they treated it, given some of the allegations.

Here is a response from CR. It's not an official response, so to say. It's just that, because the article went live without a comment from their side, he obviously got pissed. He posted a correspondence with someone from Escapist.


Note that the first half is talking to Escapist, calling them out for the way they handled this, as well as a bunch of other stuff, that if you haven't been following you won't know. You probably don't want to know either - too much drama. You can also see that Chris Roberts has taken all this personally, which I can't blame him for.
The second section deals with the allegations presented.

So you can skip down to that part. It's more like an official and public responses to the allegations being made.

As for the game itself, we'll just have to wait and see.

sweendog1138d ago

Sorry that this is off topic but seeing as this article is related to PC's I thought maybe you guys are the best people to ask.

Im planning to build a gaming rig and I have chosen my set up. What I cant figure out is what power supply and the amount of fans I will need as I'm buying a bare bones tower. Ive been a console gamer since I was 5 (now 33) so I'm sorry if this seems like an amateurish question.

My build is as follows

Gigabyte z97x UD5H BK motherboard
Intel quad i5 4690k CPU
GTX 980 card
16 gb Corsair DDR3 Vengeance ram
Heat sink (not sure witch one)
2 TB hdd
250 gb ssd (for the os and whatever games im playing the most)

Any help would be appreciated and the amount of fans needed for a mid tower and full tower would help if it differs. Also any suggested changes to my set up are welcome.

If you have ran out of bubbles private message me ill reply.


frostypants1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Star Citizen is sounding like the F-35 of video games. Massive money spent on it trying to make it everything to everyone, and little to show for it.

nitus101137d ago

There is an old saying. "If it's too good to be true, it is". I also think that. "There is a sucker born every minute".

It is unfortunate or possibly even criminal that a game like Star Citizen has so much potential, especially with so much money being raised (ie. potential) and so little to show for it (ie. criminal or poor business practice).

I Could be wrong about criminal practices here but I don't think so, although that does not help the people who contributed to towards this game.

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Roccetarius1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I'm not really surprised, honestly. Chris Roberts isn't really known for managing money that well.

I'm much more likely to believe someone like Mark Jacobs working on Camelot Unchained, because he has the experience and knows reality of funding development.

agentxk1138d ago

It's a sad story because the gamers that put money into this don't deserve this

Roccetarius1138d ago

I'm kinda 50 / 50 on this, because you have to know the people behind the project and if they can be believed. This is harder when it's unknown kickstarter developers, because they have no past you can look into.

I always research games i'm interested in, and i was very, very cautious with something like Star Citizen because of this.

agentxk1138d ago

As soon at they started touting 3 separate genres in 1 game, I had red flags waving. Now they are at 5 and a majority of the year's coverage has been saying that they are in trouble.

Lamboomington1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )


The majority of this year's coverage, no offense to anyone, has been crap. That's just how it is. To the people who have actually been following development closely, that stuff was so annoying to read.

That said, it's only fair. You have a project this big, close to $90 million now. It's been delayed to accomodate bigger scope. Within that, the FPS module was delayed due to development issues. Along with a lot of other stuff, CIG had this coming.

We'll just have to wait and see about the game. Hopefully it works out well.

Perjoss1138d ago

People who pump large amounts of cash into unfinished games kind of deserve it, sorry.

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Avery1138d ago

Mark Jacobs? he has a whole history of fail behind him

This article is a click bait to a click bait

Kamikaze1351138d ago

I had a feeling this game was too good to be true. I felt that they might either take the money and run or give us a drastically underwhelming game.

mixelon1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Meh, I'm not in any rush. I'd rather have feature creep and unbridled ambition than easily and quickly achievable.

We know they're still working on it at least. :)

frostypants1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Go look into a game called Battlecruiser 3000AD to see where that ends up...

Unfocused projects always fail.

mixelon1138d ago

I prefer a long wait to a slow trickle, like Elite Dangerous has. If rather be blown away by the possibilities from the start than have to keep paying to add stuff that could have always been part of the package.

Star Citizen will come out eventually, however long it takes.

MilkMan1138d ago

No surprise, this game fell off my radar a long time ago same with Shroud of the Avatar. Although they seem to be toiling away on that one.

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