Nintendo screws third-parties and you on Virtual Console

Destructoid writes:
Hey, remember on Sunday when it was mentioned that Mega Man was hitting the Virtual Console this week? That was some pretty exciting news. Were you surprised to discover that you got (arguably) the worst Splatterhouse game and the Sega Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog instead? Destructoid thought not and you weren't alone. Capcom wasn't the only publisher to have made an announcement regarding VC releases for this week either. SNK told us to expect Samurai Showdown II and Hudson had Y's Book I & II on deck. That sounds like a candidate for "best week ever" if it was heard of. So, what happened? GoNintendo got this little bit of PR speak on the matter from Nintendo of America:

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Will_Smith3753d ago

who hasnt Nintendo screwed by now... i get that they are aiming for the casual audience but sometimes you need to be loyal to those who got you where you are. Maybe a new IP while they are at it

RKRigney3753d ago

that would be nice, but those sound like pipe dreams, Will. I actually like Hancock, btw.

sumfood4u3753d ago

thats the gist of it it will be here when its time! alto empty promises eats away alot of our time!

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

I think he does not realise that it is not up to Nintendo to pick the games. It's the original developers themselves who have to decide wether it should go on VC or not.

Altered_Soul3753d ago

I am a little confused here.

So Nintendo delays some VC games and this guy explodes like they cancelled all future third party games ever?

Am I missing something? Its not like this is unique to, well, every gaming system ever.

kevnb3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

people hate it because its so popular despite being short on quality games. I personally don't care, Ill just spend my money elsewhere.


But a very good gimmick to rip off kids . same fkn handheld , same fkn hardware with different controllers but kids ...what can i say .

ChickeyCantor3753d ago

"same fkn handheld "
Now, don't use drugs dorothy, ya hear.

8bitwizard3753d ago

"But a very good gimmick to rip off kids".

correct me if im wrong, but we are talking about the virtual console right?
games like the original 8bit super mario bros., the legend of zelda, and metroid came out in the 80's. infact, excluding wiiware and a few n64 titles, most games available for download on wii shop pre-date 1996.

"same fkn handheld , same fkn hardware with different controllers but kids ...what can i say ."

ummm, you could say, that whatever system you're playing is the real rip off. the nintendo ds is the #1 selling video game system worldwide. the wii has outsold the 360 and ps3 combined, and when it comes to first party titles there is no comparison.

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