Interview: Traveller's Tales on LEGO Batman and Corporate Ownership

Jesse Henning reports:

''Among the games we saw at E3 in mid-July, we quite enjoyed our time with LEGO Batman - our preview confirms as much. We've had our eye on LEGO Batman for a while now, although not strictly because it looks fun; GameCyte has been curious about the unique opportunity the game represents for its creators from a business standpoint. LEGO Batman, you see, is being developed by TT Games, and is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. There's no surprise there, obviously; Warner Bros. happens to own rights to Batman in every form: DC Comics is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures is enjoying huge box office returns on Dark Knight, and I'm pretty sure I saw a guy dressed like Batman on the CW the other night.

However, if you're not the sort of person who follows the hugely expensive world of corporate mergers, you might have missed it last year when WBIE made the decision to buy TT Games, making the developer part of its in-house team. TT Games had already started development on LEGO Batman at the time, and this move would make the game a financial double-whammy for WBIE, allowing them to reap the benefits of both publisher and developer when the game is ultimately released. In addition, if they wanted to, Warner Bros. could probably bring some of their influence to bear on the game's direction - Batman is their property, after all, and they could take an active role if they were so inclined with their newly-acquired development team.''

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