Team Ico boss: I want to make small-scale PSN game

Videogaming 24/7 writes: "Team Ico head, Fumito Ueda, has said he'd like to work on a small-scale title for PSN, away from the rigours of his unannounced PS3 project.

"Yes, I would," he told UK magazine gamesTM when asked if he'd be interested in the idea. "As long as time permitted and I had the opportunity, yes."

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BlackIceJoe3752d ago

I would love to see what Team Ico could make for PSN. I also would love to see what they could make for the PSP. I heard some time ago that team Ico was working on three projects two small ones and one big one. So I wonder if that means they are true if Fumito Ueda is saying he would like to work with PSN.