Halo 3 documentary inbound

Bungie has confirmed that a brand new video focusing on Halo 3, the upcoming Xbox 360 sequel to the developer's smash sci-fi series, will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace and online in the coming week.

Billed as a Halo 3 documentary, Bungie has hinted that the footage will offer our first look at the newly designed feature, Campaign mode.

"We're keeping the exact contents a surprise," Bungie blogger Frankie has revealed over at the developer's website, assuring fans that "it's a very interesting piece, especially if you're interested in Campaign mode".

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f1r3waII K1LL3r4347d ago

Cant wait for H3 hopefully this will tide me over

m234347d ago

Hopefuly there'll be some gameplay, eitherway, it should be cool.

TheMART4347d ago

Halo 3 will fix the 360 sales high and above the PS3

This game will kill the PS3 sales for sure. It has so much hype surrounding it, just as Gears did and made the hype reality. MS just delivers and Sony doesn't (Motorstorm is allright, but no AAA, Resistance is allright but no AAA)

PSN Starfleets4347d ago

Sony will release another version of KillZone to rival this. Except it'll be on the PSP


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