AMD Fusion details leaked: 40/32 nm, dual-core CPU, RV800 graphics

TG Daily: AMD pushed Fusion as one of the main reasons to justify its acquisition of ATI. Since then, AMD's finances have changed colors and are now deep in the red, the top management has changed, and Fusion still isn't anything AMD wants to discuss in detail. But there are always "industry sources" and these sources have told us that Fusion is likely to be introduced as a half-node chip.

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Gangsta Krizzab4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

ATI/AMD always keep making new Cards that beat their previous ones very fast and at a cheaper price.

If they slow down I'd buy one but before them I'm not going to bother buying a card to have another card come out 1-3 months afterwards for a cheaper price and stronger.

I know it's off topic but back to topic.

Topic: hope they get out of the red to bring these new tech out.

Guwapo774348d ago

They have a 6 month to 1 year cycle on video cards. There are 3 levels in which they provide cards for based off the same chip. That chip is stripped down as it gets cheaper. So don't think they are releasing so many different cards when they aren't.

The 3 levels are 1. Entry level $150 and below 2. Mainstream $150 - $299 3. Enthusiast $300+

ATi starts with the entry level and work it's way up.
Nvidia starts with extreme and work its way down.

chrisnick4348d ago

ooooooooo.....nice numbers.........the hell do they mean?

incogneato4348d ago

good to see them making progress. hope they do something good, intel has been kicking their ass for a long time now

Rybnik4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Is this AMD's answer to Larrabee??
Cause uhh, unless I'm missing something drastic, this doesn't seem...competitive

Guwapo774348d ago

No this chip isn't going against the Larrabee. This is something totally different.

Larrabee is a stand alone GPU that will fight against ATi and Nvidia's GPUs.

Fusion is half CPU and half GPU in one socket. What this is suppose to do is decrease the latency (time) it takes to get the information from the CPU to GPU. This is definitely no Crysis running combination. It is more a motherboard graphics moved to the CPU.

Ideal for businesses not gamers.