Possible Wii Hack Video

January 1st, 2007 is a day that will be very interesting. According to this video, that is the day when the author of this video is going to open the flood gates and upload his "Wii Backup" program to the internet. According to the video, the way it works is to put a backup copy of a Wii game, then go to the Photo Channel, insert your SD Card with Wii Backup on it, run the Wii Backup program via the slideshow, and then you will be brought back to your Wii Channels to see your backup copy running.

Like I said, January 1st will be a very interesting day.

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MicroGamer4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

The film seems to jump in too many places to think this isn't faked. Also, it wouldn't surprise me that instead of a bootloader, this guy created a Wii destroying virus and is disguising it as something a lot of people will download. It wasn't worth making a console virus before because they were all isolated, now that they have gone online, console viruses have become viable. Nintendo will also likely do a firmware patch to block this thing from working if it is legit, so once you have this program installed on your Wii, you can't ever patch your system again.

Krimson4374d ago

I can't see the video from work, but these "coming soon!" type hacks are almost always fake. They don't release the hack right away because it's not real.

oke4374d ago

While there are many possible splice points in the video, I'm more than excited to see the possibility of a homebrew scene for the Wii. The benefit is great enough and the wait is short enough to warrant diconnecting my wii from the internet for a while to stop any automatic updates by Nintendo.