Gamervision Preview: Red Faction Guerilla Beta

Gamervision reports:

''I never played the original Red Faction games, writing them off as the PlayStation 2's feeble attempt at bringing shooters to the fairly shooter-less platform. When the beta hit for Red Faction 3 I couldn't really care less, and the only reason I downloaded it was because I realized I had been paying for IGN Insider for the past four months. The download was only 500mb, so I let it churn away while I watched television and eventually wandered back and gave it a try.

Hey, what do you know, it's kind of cool.

The beta is multiplayer only, and it is fairly exclusive despite being cheap to get into. Not only that, but it has become apparent that no one else really cares about Red Faction: Guerilla either, so it takes a while to get a game going. After I finally got into the game, learned how it worked, and began running around, destroying buildings and killing enemies with a sledgehammer, I began to realize its subtle brilliance.

Red Faction: Guerilla can best be described as Halo 3 meets Battlefield: Bad Company. On Mars. It has a third person perspective and a lackluster shooting system, topped off by second-rate hit-detection for melee weapons. It can become frustrating, and the game's occasional dull models and textures and more-than-occasional lag issues prevented me from really getting into the game, but once I "got" it I began having fun. I don't understand why THQ decided to bring the game away from its first-person roots, Guerilla isn't any better of a game in third person than it would be in first. Actually, after a few hours of the game I honestly think it would work better, and would at least bring more immersion to the title, and hopefully better shooting controls.''

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