Giant Bomb Preview: Skate 2

Giant Bomb reports:

''The original skate--lowercase on purpose because it's the e.e. cummings of video games--was mechanically awesome. It turned the world of skateboarding games upside down with its compelling new control scheme and robust in-game video editor. The game design that was wrapped around those terrific mechanics, however, often didn't exploit the game's strengths properly. There are two specific examples I can think of that made me want to toss Skate (let's be mature about this name capitalization stuff for the rest of the article) into the street.

- The later, more difficult games of S.K.A.T.E. asked you to do very specific advanced tricks. Even though I was quite good at the rest of the game, I never felt that the right-stick's "flick it" trick system was specific enough to allow you to nail an exact trick at any given time. I eventually gave up on that challenge.

- Another was a specific Hall of Meat challenge. These asked you to find a way to bail properly and break a set amount of bones in the process. This particular challenge had you barrel down a hill at breakneck speed, then hit an incline and go flying into a tall tree, where you were supposed to break yourself up reeeeeallll baaaad. I think I did this for around two hours with absolutely no indication of what I was doing wrong. After two hours of flinging myself into this stupid tree, it suddenly rung up as successful, without anything that I was doing looking any different at all.

I think they call those "negative user experiences." Maybe someone out there got good enough with the right stick controls to nail every trick, every time. But after 20 hours or more with the game, shouldn't a reasonable person (which I often pretend to be) be able to do that sort of thing? Also, I'm sure that at least one of you got that tree goal on your first try... and for that I hate you.''

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