5 of the worst rebooted franchise games

Joe from GamersFTW writes about 5 of the worst games that have happened as a result of rebooting a video game franchise

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c00lvilKid692913d ago

Duke Nukem really was awful. It was sad trying to see people defend it.

Yukes2913d ago

I thought it was great fun!

Sorry, can't keep it up. Such a disappointment.

Yui_Suzumiya2912d ago

I enjoyed it and as far as I remember, I was the only one defending it, lol. I was actually giving it a 10/10 on sites to counter balance all the idiotic troll reviews.

lordmiffter2913d ago

Can someone put a pillow over Sonic's face and hold it down until he stops struggling? It'll be an act of kindness.

Skellytorx2913d ago

Oh god. Some of these were shocking to play!

GamerGabs2913d ago

So many disappointments. It's so sad when a well loved franchise looks like it's dying in front of your eyes. (I miss you Sonic, I hope you come back some day)

ConboyAdam2913d ago

I dunno, I think these games are great in a certain way. They're a fantastic counter argument against reboots in general and that at least is something

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Alone in the Dark Delayed to January 16th, 2024 to Avoid October's Crazy Release Schedule

THQ Nordic announced a three-month delay for the Alone in the Dark remake due to the incredibly busy game release schedule of October 2023.

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ZwVw17d ago

Hold on. This game is rated "T" for Teen?!

isarai17d ago

I mean you never shoot "people" in these games so kinda makes sense

ZwVw17d ago

Yet, the previous entries still carried "M" ratings.

isarai17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Well according to the ESRB and the official game page it hasn't even been rated yet. I'm not even sure where you're seeing a rating honestly

isarai17d ago

You know what, fair, cause it is crazy and this game I'm definitely grabbing. So nice to be able to do so and not kill my bank account 😅

monkey60217d ago

It was absolutely dead in the water otherwise so probably a good decision

isarai17d ago

October is still so busy I still fully expect a couple casualties