Gamasutra In-Depth: The ABCs of Xbox 360 DLC

The role of DLC in the current generation of console games is hard to ignore, something made all the more obvious by the hard data that Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business and the Xbox 360 content management team brought to the company's recent Gamefest event.

Games with paid downloadable content sell, on average, $21 million more at retail, provided the DLC hits within a so-called 30-day "sweet spot," according to Microsoft's IEB manager Kevin Salcedo.

Salcedo joined Tad Fleshman of Xbox 360's content management team at Gamefest to advise developers on how to maximize the opportunities in DLC.

"Right now we have over 12 million users in over 26 countries, with $240 million in transactions revenue so far, with $180 million in the last 12 months alone," said Salcedo of the Xbox 360's marketplace.

According to Salcedo, titles given DLC "legs" enjoy longer periods of time in the customer's hands. "On average, titles that have downloadable content on XBL marketplace have seen a 16 percent [longer] period of people holding onto that title, which keeps them from selling to secondhand stores," he said.

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