The SCUF 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller | MP1st Product Review

MP1st - The benefits of a customized DualShock 4 controller will reach beyond the realm of Call of Duty and potentially pique the interest of anyone looking for a more comfortable and option-rich input device. So what exactly does the 4PS offer and is it worth the premium price tag?

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FallenAngel19842553d ago

Just curious, why is this SCUF DualShock 4 cheaper than the Xbox One Elite SCUF controller

ninsigma2553d ago

The elite is made by Ms (pretty sure anyway) so that's probably why. Scuf is a brand so the elite controller isn't scuf. The elite controller is also more expensive than the new xb1 scuf controller as well as the ps4 one.

stamps16462553d ago

? The same config. of the Xbox Elite controller , the Scuf controller actually cost more.

medman2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I paid over 200 bucks for my ps4 scuf...once you start adding up options, it gets more expensive than the base pricing model. And make no mistake...the pic of the scuf used in the article is not the base configuration, not even close.

FlexLuger2553d ago

I love these kinds of controllers. I highly reccomend them personally. You can even send your current controller to them to get the SCUF treatment.

Voids2553d ago

Seems kinda worth it.

Back when Destiny first came out I remember after how often I'd play to the point of my aim down sights trigger literally gave out on me because of how my hand squeezed down and to the left (LOL JFK JOKE AMMIRITE GUYS?! Too soon?) so I had to deal with a busted internal spring and cracked plastic for a while until I got motivated enough to actually take it apart and fix it myself.

I have to assume the triggers, etc. are all of higher quality for longevity with these controllers?

It'd also be nice not having to use Kontrol Freaks and instead built in extended sticks.